Berry IIT Gets Patent Rights on Quadcopter Technology

A Pune-based company named Berry IIT specialized in computer and drone technology has recently received patent rights on Quadcopter and Drone Technology. The quadcopter is designed to rescue people from the tsunami and other natural calamities.

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Berry IIT Gets Patent Rights on Quadcopter Technology

The eminent French novelist Pierre Boulle once said, “In the field of technology, simplification is always an enormous advance…” and these words seems quite appropriate when we have a look at today’s technology. Undoubtedly in the race of advancing the technology, we are creating a lot of complex gadgets which were unheard of earlier but without a hinge of doubt, they have been able to simplify the problems of human being. Berry IIT (Berry International Information Technology), Pune-based computer and drone technology company has recently been awarded patent rights on Quadcopter Technology with Patent No. NSOD747774S on March 19, 2018.

Quadcopter technology is designed to rescue people from tsunami & other natural calamities, it has human detector sensor and wind detection system fully autonomous quadcopter. This drone technology is self-dependent and can take its own decisions at a speed up to 50kmpl specially designed to save people in tsunamis. Its telemetry system can send signals up to 5km.

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Formerly known as Berry Computer Company, Berry IIT was founded in July 2012 and officially incorporated in 2015. Basically a robotics manufacturing company it has come a long way. Starting from a humble beginning where Berry IIT manufactured Lan Wires, the fastest data sharing cord which was eventually unsuccessful, it has gone to producing a wide array of products and services. Their list of works starts from Educational sectors and end up at industries. Be it high-end products like drones and robotic kits or the production of Tablet PCs for young school-going kids, they have been striving towards the betterment of the society.

The company has also produced software which caters to the need when it comes to drone planer or office management system alike. They have also designed modern E-Learning classes for better education. Berry IIT has also extended their portfolio to Social Media Marketing which helps the young entrepreneurs to stimulate their business.

BERRY IIT has been working on different plans such as researching, Nanotechnology, consumer electronic products which will give a customer an altogether different experience.