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Justin Bieber Success to Sarcasm

Justin Bieber: Success to Sarcasm

Someone has rightly said, “Age is just a number” but when once numbers starts to signify success, how far can one refrain himself? A teen hailing...
Love Marriage Vs Arrange Marriage

Love Marriage Versus Arrange Marriage

If ever something eternal have come out of our tradition which have stood firm with the test of time, it is marriage. A bond...
Remembering The White Tiger

Remembering The White Tiger

Who could ever forget the character of Balram Halwai which shook the whole literary world through his flawless arguments once he sat to rewind...
Ayurveda- Primitive Therapy for Advanced Diseases

Ayurveda: Primitive Therapy for Advanced Diseases

As the saying goes, “health is wealth,” humankind strived new therapy, techniques and methods to protect from widespread and complicated diseases. In some cases,...

The Dirty Picture: Recipes of Success

Before I start writing something I am feeling that I should slap at least 10 times on my own cheeks for not seeing the...
P.Ṣ. I Love You - Marriage To Maturity

P.Ṣ. I Love You: Marriage To Maturity

Introduction It is fascinating to see one of your favorite books have been transformed into a movie. Your mind juggles around the the thought whether...
U-17 World Cup

U-17 World Cup: From Hosting To Hostility

At the time when we have been accustomed of the various mega events of the national game Hockey and the highly popular Cricket organised in...
Lucy Redefining The Laws of Success

Lucy: Redefining The Laws of Success

Introduction At a time when everything is globalizing day by day, movies have taken the first stride in this respect. Gone are those days when...
Mardaani - A Lesson On Mentality

Mardaani: A Lesson On Mentality

Introduction Gone are the days when it used to be a rare chance of being the spectator of a movie which not only contained a...
Tanu Weds Manu Returns At What Cost

Tanu Weds Manu Returns: At What Cost?

Introduction It’s a human habit that people normally forget things which do not keep important place in life. But when the same thing is being...
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