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“History often repeats itself; each time it does, the price goes...

The Shri Ram College of Commerce, India's premier institute of economics and business, is pleased to announce the 8th edition of the Shri Ram Economics Summit on the 4th - 6th of February, 2020. The summit is geared towards adding new perspectives to contemporary issues, and looking for solutions and alternatives to the ‘status quo’.

Can Carob Save a Nation?

The carob tree has been appreciated for its various features throughout the ages. Nowadays, people are starting to rediscover this amazing plant. It is...


Coronavirus: investors should avoid knee-jerk reactions

the cost and effort of making such a switch mean you do not do it lightly, and more evidence is needed that the virus does pose a medium to long term risk to China and the global economy.”

Syrian Refugee Crisis and The Response of the European Union

The Syrian crisis started with the peaceful uprising against the president as a pro-democratic movement during the Arab spring in 2011. Even before the crisis began, there has been massive disenchantment with Syrian people against its president due to massive unemployment, corruption, and oppression.

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Market Quotes by TradingView

Blockchain Continues to Dominate: Blockchain Transaction Times vs Money Transfers

During the period under review, the transaction time of the second-highest ranked cryptocurrency remained relatively low, without any major significant shift. The highest transaction time was in May at 0.223 seconds while January recorded the highest time at 0.289 seconds, a difference of 22%.


Sporting Ecosystem in India for more Medals through Secured Governance

By, Mr. Ram Narayanan, Corporate Global Strategic leader Sports ecosystems comprise different dimensions or segments that go into establishing and developing a sport and there are...

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The Real Reasons behind Syrian Conflict

Syria, one of the oldest continuous inhabiting piece of human settlement in the Middle East, had been throbbing heart of various world empires throughout...

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