Why 1.78 lakh teachers are feeling cheated?

The recent declaration of AICTE has brought a complete chaos among the faculties who are already puppet in the hands of college owners.

Why 1.78 lakh teachers are feeling cheated
Why 1.78 lakh teachers are feeling cheated

Ever since teaching has commercialized, the quality of education has been on the brink of failure. The Indian students have been accustomed to be jobless after paying a hefty amount as tuition fee for their graduation and post-graduation. The college deans no matter how much they boast about their lush campuses, quality amenities and scholarly faculties get themselves mirrored whenever there is a global ranking of the colleges. They are not even able to catch a position in Top-100 or Top-200. Even after such an irony the college owners and students are complacent accepting it as their fate.

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The recent announcement of AICTE (All India Council of Technical Education) has put a dark shadow above the faculties of the private colleges by changing the faculty-student ratios. The AICTE declared the ratio to be 1:20 against the current ratio of 1:15. After such a chaos which will result in the immediate loss of jobs to 1.78 lakh teachers only from the engineering colleges The Private Educational Institutions Employees Association (PEIEA) of Tamil Nadu along with other self- financing college teachers’ associations of Telangana have approached the Supreme Court for stay and withdrawal of AICTE’s new faculty-students ratio. The loss of jobs to the other courses like MBA, MCA, Hotel Management, Pharmacy and Diploma can be just imagined! At the time when AICTE should work on the quality of education, it has ‘irrationally decreased’ the faculty-student ratio which is not going to benefit anyway. At the time when “The private institutions are not even following the earlier ratio of 1:15” as stated by the AICTE Chairman himself how could they even compete with foreign universities like Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and University of Oxford which have a very impressive teacher-student ratio of 1:8.7 and 1:10.5 respectively.

Indeed! The policymakers of AICTE would need to understand that in spite of passing such irrational laws they need to work on other ground issues which are hampering the quality of education in our country.