Justin Bieber: Success to Sarcasm

What happens when success meets with expectations and sarcasm at the same time? JB, the teen rock star feels at time when he went for something different….

Justin Bieber Success to Sarcasm

Someone has rightly said, “Age is just a number” but when once numbers starts to signify success, how far can one refrain himself? A teen hailing from a different country achieved stardom at the age when we are busy in deciphering the real meaning of success. An age when we are busy in fantasizing our dream destination, the great U.S.A., he became the role model of a lot of American teens. Obviously, it may be called as a matter of luck by the mere mortals as our brain has already been conditioned for such reprobation. Obviously, when we are aspiring for few extra likes for our DP on facebook, he is in the proud possession of more than 75 millions likes along with almost same number of followers. Isn’t it interesting that we are just still learning to be well-equipped with Twitter and he has already acquired more than 94 millions followers. Ah! How can I miss one of the most popular toys of the teens, You Tube where he had already surpassed more than 100 billion views for his works. Leave his appearance in the Forbes for three consecutive years (2011-13) including his recent appearance (2016ˆ) and honors from various govts. as we simply consider it beyond our reach. If there are any other parameters of success and stardom in this tech-savy world then it is obviously money. He surpassed this parameter already by amassing more than $200 million in such a tender age and this can be one and only Justin Bieber.

Athithi Devo Bhava

Unlike all beliebers, I am also a huge fan of Baby and Boyfriend but felt really sorry for the Sorry fame. I was amazed at the way people trolled him on the social sites after the highly-publicized event. A live-show which obviously was not just a show was enough to show us a lot of things. Even today when we are raged in excitement to see our favourite Bollywood stars, they were frenetic regarding the modern epitome of success. Whether it be the actors or the singers all were just being insane in excitement just for one person as he was performing for the first time in our country. Even a layman would have told the difference between the modern-day self-proclaimed stars and a star universally recognized and regarded. But then it is India where we value a person’s skills irrespective of his age and identity. How can we be biased about a person as since ages we have been told to respect art and most importantly a person who comes to us as a guest? There are instances in our mythologies even how far we can go for our guest. Not only we try to comfort him in the best possible manner but also we are ready to make sacrifices if needed. These things are not necessary to repeat as since childhood we have been taught to respect our guests. These things were quite evident in the D.Y. Patil stadium where thousands were ready to welcome their icon. Leave the common masses, our government, which is unnecessarily criticized often didn’t leave any measure in welcoming this teen rock star. But all the excitement proved futile and nuisance as something had happened inside. Just because something had happened inside we were now feeling ourselves cheated. We were feeling ourselves being framed in this highly-publicized show. Some were saying that he had lip-synced all the songs, some were complaining that half of the tracks were lip synced. A popular magazine gave the exact number, eight out of twelve. Nice! I was really startled to know that the people were considering it as a waste, disappointing and a hell lot of things. But the game was still open! How could our esteemed Bollywood actors and actress have let themselves behind from this countrywide immediate threat? Being the esteemed responsible citizens of our nation they found it their immediate responsibility to warn the common masses? The common masses who consider them their heroes had to be saved immediately and this can be done only by them. Then why wouldn’t their social accounts have been flooded with words of discontentment and sarcasm? Obviously they are the so-called self-proclaimed torch-bearers of ethics and culture of our society whose words mean a lot to lot of people even when they don’t carry any meaning. We can understand that these are the people who are covered under the shadow of glamour but do we also failed to realize? Yes! We only realize it in our gossips and the intelligible talks which we preach to another. Ever since we realized a simple fact that we are a resident of the country where the guests are more superior to our gods (For whom we are ready to kill and get killed) we have not done such a nasty thing. We label ourselves as a country which imbibes on the celebrated culture of our forefathers then how could we do it? Just because few of the puppets of the show-biz industry felt it an opportunity to get some cheap publicity, will we discard the teachings of our parents? Our parents, who even after encountering a not-so entertaining guest entertained him in the same way as his best pal then how can we be so insensitive?

The Show Must Go On

As it have been said that “The show must go on” the teen rock star was not an exception. Even after achieving one of the highest feats in the music industry he was not spared for his one performance which was perhaps not at par with people’s expectations. I was amazed at the fact that no one ever bothered to have a look into the highly-publicized lips-syncing problem. It’s just a common sense to understand that the music wizard who have approximately 100 million sales of his albums do not need it do intentionally. Why would a Grammy Award recipient (Including two other nominations) will intentionally ruin his public image? Or have we become so much insensitive in the shadow of glamour that nothing matters to us as the show must go on for us.

The Concluding Words

As success always comes with sarcasm there is no need of any worry to my role model and I hope he would have taken it lightly. I am sure that JB would get away from all of this mess and come with such exciting albums which will feel us enthralled.