2.9 Crore Indian Jobseekers’ Private Data Leaked On The Dark Web

The screenshots of the leaked data mention on the two well known portals; Naukri and Times Jobs.


The personal data of 2.9 crore Indian jobseekers at risk! A cyber intelligence firm, Cyble, came across some leaked data on the dark web, of several people, from several states, seeking a job through various online job portals and it is on Friday that the firm exposed about the leaked data. A 2.3 GB zipped file with the availability of the data that can be downloaded for free, was discovered by Cyble. The screenshots of the leaked data mention the two very much known portals; Naukri and Times Jobs.

“This breach includes sensitive information such as email, phone, home address, qualification, work experience, etc. Cybercriminals are always on the lookout for such personal information to conduct various nefarious activities such as identity thefts, scams, and corporate espionage”, said Cyble.

 Cyble said that the actual source of the leak is still unaccounted, but whatever information they have gathered, points at that the data could have been originated from a resume aggregator. “A Russian-speaking threat actor may be responsible for the leak, and the data has likely been floating on the dark web for some time, unnoticed. It might be made to get attention and rapport in the dark web markets”, added Mr. Beenu Arora, founder of Cyble.

According to the words of Cyble, it has acquired the leaked data and the job seekers can confirm if their information is part of the data by registering at its data breach monitoring and notification service, AmIbreached.com. Brijesh Singh, cyber expert and Special Inspector General of Police, said that people can also find out if their details have been hacked by checking websites such as haveibeenpwned.com. “If you find that your data has been breached, check your bank and financial statements immediately. If you find any anomaly, report to the bank/wallet/service provider and authorities without delay”, he added.

Indian cybercrime investigation agencies are also on their way to trace the source of the leak and find out more about the hacker. Dr. Balsing Rajput, Superintendent of Police (Maharashtra Cyber), said, “Data breaches have a serious impact on users, we are looking into the matter. Users need to update their passwords, opt for two-factor authentication, and conduct regular security checks”.

By, Subhasree Dutta

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2.9 Crore Indian Jobseekers' Private Data Leaked On The Dark Web
The screenshots of the leaked data mention on the two well known portals; Naukri and Times Jobs.
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