8 Female Celebrities Who Married Multiple Times

If you feel that marriage is a bond of a lifetime, these seven celebrities will change your opinion. Multiple marriage might not be in fashion recently but our small research proved multiple marriage has nothing to do with gender, race, geography and religion.

8 Female Celebrities Who Married Multiple Times
8 Female Celebrities Who Married Multiple Times

“Marriages are made in heaven”, perhaps an understatement when it comes to the people whom we see as our ideal or in better words our dream personality. Gone are the days when there were tales of kings and queens marrying multiple times. In the age where everything is quite at pace, the sacred bond of marriage also tend to be at pace where walking down the aisle seems to be a fascinating journey which these personalities seems to revive again and again.

A look at the famous female personalities who have embraced this virtue with open heart and both hands.

Zsa Zsa Gabor: – 9 Marriages

Born as Sari Gabor in Budapest, the Hungarian-American actress and socialite was firstly married to Burhan Asaf Belge at a young age of 18 in 1935. After divorcing him in 1941 she went onto a series of marriages with eminent personalities including the eminent actor and author George Sanders.


Elizabeth Taylor: – 8 Marriages

Dame Elizabeth Rosemond “Liz” Taylor, a British-American actress, businesswoman and humanitarian was married to a famous businessman Conrad Hilton Jr. in 1950 at a tender age of 18. After divorcing him just one year later she went onto a series of marriage including marrying the famous Welsh actor Richard Burton twice.




Lana Turner: – 8 Marriages

Born as Julia Jean Turner, the former American Actress and Pin-Up model Lana Turner whose golden career spread for more than 5 decades walked down the aisle when she was just 19 in 1940 with famous actor and author Artie Shaw whom she divorced in the same year. She even married Joseph Stephen Crane twice before finally divorcing him in 1944.




Martha Raye: – 7 Marriages

Academy Award recipient singer and comic actress Martha Raye married the make-up artist Bud Westmore in 1937 and divorced in the same year to take a journey of aisles.  She remained quite open in her approach towards the marriage as she married Mark Harris at the age of 75.




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Hedy Lamarr: – 6 Marriages

Born as Hedwig Eva Maria Kiesler, the Austria born actress and inventor; Hedy Lamarr married the Austrian business magnate Fritz Mandl against her parents’ wishes at the age of 19 just to run away from him after her controversial movie Ecstasy(1933). She moved to Hollywood after that where she rose to stardom alongwith her personal life even though she was considered lonely off-screen.



Josephine Baker: – 6 Marriages

Born as Freda Josephine McDonald; was an US born French citizen. Famous for her versatile dimensions as an entertainer, activist, dancer and a French resistance agent she married Willie Wells at a very young age of 13 whom she divorced in 1919, the same year. She was bisexual and was in a quite famous relationship with Clara Smith. She was also in an extramarital relationship with the Belgian novelist Georges Simenon and in her later years she was involved with Robert Brady but they never married.

Magda Gabor: – 6 Marriages

The elder sister of Zsa Zsa Gabor; Magda Gabor was an American actress and socialite. Magda married at a considerable age of 22 to Jan Bychowsky, a reputed Polish count. Even after a string of marriages and being an alleged mistress and fiancée of Carlos Simpaio and José Luis de Vilallonga she remained childless throughout her life.



Mel Harris: – 6 Marriages

Hailed as the “America’s 10 Most Beautiful Women” Mel Harris is best known for the television show thirtysomething married at a fair age of 22 in 1978 with David Silbergeld just to divorce him the next year. She walked down the aisle throughout her career many times with Bob Brush being her present life-partner.