A Man walked 1,350 KM to Meet PM

An Indian man by the name of Muktikant Biswal is walking from Orissa to Delhi which is a long 1,350km journey to speak to the Prime Minister of India. He wants to speak about a promise that has gone unnoticed and unfulfilled.

A Man walked 1,350 KM to Meet PM

The walk caught the media’s attention after he was hospitalized in the 218 km mark. What was the promise that got this man to walk all the way from Orissa to New Delhi? Apparently, the prime minister had promised to upgrade a hospital called the Ispat General Hospital in his state. Prime Minister Modi had promised back in 2015 that the hospital will become a super specialty facility similar to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences in Delhi.

The walk began on 16 April and is still continuing. He faced the hot summers and now will be walking against the rain storms. He does not care, he wants the hospital upgrade that was promised!

That’s not all if the prime minister still does not notice his walking he will go on a hunger strike.

“I don’t know whether the prime minister will meet me or not. If he doesn’t meet me, I will go on a hunger strike,” Biswal said.

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So far the Prime Minister has not noticed the walk of Biswal, but the opposition leader, Rahul Gandhi has tweeted about it.

Rahul Gandhi Tweeted on the 16th of June about Biswal-

‘The PM promised Rourkela a multi-specialty hospital three years ago. Now, Muktikant Biswal has walked 1,300 Km to Delhi because the PM hasn’t kept his promise & people are dying. I assure Mr. Biswal: the people of India & the Congress party will keep the PM’s promise for him.

Mr. Modi has not reacted to Mr. Biswal, whose story gained traction after this tweet by the leader of India’s main opposition Congress party.’

Biswal is to arrive in Delhi later this week, and everyone can only wonder what Modi will do!

Biswal is 30 years old and originates from Rourkela, Orissa. He is an idol maker and can be described as a person who is passionate about his village.