Is Adolf Hitler Still Alive?

The most controversial and debatable personality of all times - Adolf Hitler once again came in news when a person named Herman Gunthenberg claimed to be Hitler. Though Guntherberg’s wife Angela Martinez says the he is suffering from dementia, such claims are not completely undeniable.

Is Adolf Hitler Still Alive?

About a month back when a German immigrant named Herman Gutherberg interviewed in El Patriota claimed to be Adolf Hitler. This ignited the old debate again on one of the most charismatic and controversial leaders of all times. A man who has been perhaps the most hated personality of the world still raise goose bumps whenever his name sprout up in any corner of the world. This is a name which still is enough to create rage and fury in the hearts of millions of people. Who will forget the German holocaust – slaying of millions in his quest of power. It seems logical to hate him as he was the reason for the World War II. It doesn’t seem odd to despise someone who has been solely responsible for disrupting peace and harmony of this world in his blind race of dictatorship. Amidst all these, the million dollar question is – was Adolf Hitler like the way history shows him to be and does he deserve such hatred or have historians made a mistake or he is part of a larger conspiracy?

A Leader with Legacy

People have been made to forget the contributions of such a charismatic personality by the shrewd measures of the western world as he was the soldier of a defeated side. Even Hitler had once said “If you win, you need not have to explain… If you lose, you should not be there to explain”. Indeed! When you do not exist, everyone has the opportunity to ruin your image to its utmost potential. We can forget the contribution of this man in the unification of Germany when it was splintered to the utmost. No one is going to keep a rein on our tongues on the capability and capacity of this person who kept the whole country unified when the world was a live epitome of chaos and restlessness. How the self-proclaimed superpowers can accept that the power has shifted and their days are over? It could be more than anything for them as he never kept any of his opponents in a comparative list as he used to say “The leader of genius must have the ability to make different opponents appear as if they belonged to one category”.

If the western world blames him for World War II, then why don’t they please tell us the name of that person who was solely responsible for World War I? They are free to accuse him of brutal killings and massacres then can anyone tell me which empire or civilization have come into existence without war and exterminations? Or the western world has forgotten their colonial era when they used to plunder the nations into each and every possible way. They may forget the Slave trade which was a torture of a person to the core. People only remember the tortures of Hitler as he was an unsung hero of a defeated side. The western world is free to exaggerate the rise of an empire and its successor but feels privileged to despise the charisma of a leader who rose from rags to a ruler. They can feel their moral duty to blame him of the killings of a particular community because it seems that they have forgotten the various exterminations on the name of morality and religion in the earlier past. They can condemn this captivating personality as turn of fate changed him from a hero to an element of hatred.

Even though we try hard to devalue the aura of this magnetic personality, it is important to note that Hitler was a person who deserve more respect and ambience from us as the world do not produce such an alluring personality every day. Even today, as we are free to talk about humanity and good governance, we are still following almost the same prototype of ruling in the same way on common masses as years before Hitler have said, “Through clever and constant application of propaganda, people can be made to see paradise as hell, and also the other way round, to consider the most wretched sort of life as paradise”.