Al -Ameen: An Institution that Operates Beyond Man-Made Commodities

An initiative to educate and propagate humanity across the nation.

Al -Ameen: An Institution that Operates Beyond Man-Made Commodities the policy times

Al- Ameen a residential institution located in the village Khalatpur in Howrah district of West Bengal is a socio-economic organization aimed to empower poor and backward minority sections of the society.

How did it come into existence?

The organization laid its foundation in 1976 as Junior High Madrasa by M. Nurul Islam. Operating as the Secretary-General of the institution, Mr. Nurul Islam upgraded the madrasa to a residential institution in 1986.  In January 1987, it was renamed as Al-Ameen Mission inspired by the Al-Ameen Educational Society of Dr. Mumtaz Ahmed Khan and Ramakrishna’s mission. It was financially supported by industrialist Mustaque Hossain and many others. Aiming to achieve quality and excellence in the field of education, Al- Ameen supports students from low socio-economic status on the principles of Fairness, Equality, Equity, and Transparency.

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Al-Ameen’s Vast Extent

Apart from being an Educational institution, it also entrusts charitable investments for the upliftment of the Muslim community. Its educational reigns spread across 17 districts of Bengal with 58 branches and have satellite branches in states like Assam, Tripura, Jharkhand. One recent venture of the institution is the Crescent Academy.

The Crescent Academy

Established in the year 2014 in collaboration with Al-Ameen, it aims to help local needy students’ families during the COVID crisis. The academy supports the education of the students by conducting virtual classes via WhatsApp and Zoom.  Google class serves as a platform for assignments.  Since March 2021, secondary higher education is provided through physical classes following COVID norms while the higher grades functioned in a hybrid form for 3 hours. The academy determines to build a guardianship, rather than a traditional school, where the students from all layers of the society can join and get guidance and inspiration.

Educational Development

Crescent Academy strongly believes in Education piloting dreams. It implements an amalgamation of critical thinking and collaborative dimensions to enable students to discover the value of maverick thoughts and peer influence. As 80% of Indians reside in remote villages, the academy pledges to invest heavily in education irrespective of bias. The Crescent team urges individuals to actively invest in their system to nurture and polish the hidden talent of the nation.

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Al -Ameen: An Institution that Operates Beyond Man-Made Commodities
An initiative to educate and propagate humanity across the nation.
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