Al-Ameen Mission – Serving the Society with a Difference

The uniqueness of Al-Ameen Mission, an educational institution in West Bengal is that it produces doctors, engineers, teachers, public servants with a purpose and direction to serve the society.

Al-Ameen Mission - Serving the Society with a Difference
Al-Ameen Mission - Serving the Society with a Difference

I, Akram Hoque, Founder and Editor of feel prouder to be an Alumni of the great institution called Al-Ameen Mission than the editor of this digital media venture, If I have been able to develop this wisdom in life to serve the society, the seed was sowed in this very land of Al-Ameen Mission and the teacher, also a leader and philosopher behind this was M Nurul Islam, Founder General Secretary of Al-Ameen Mission.

The world has seen many revolutionaries. The beauty of having a revolutionary in your life-time is that he becomes a guiding force and sets a director for the people. Martin Luther King Jr. led the nonviolent civil rights movement in America. The world has seen many revolutionaries. Che Guevara was Marxist revolutionary from Argentina who brought the Cuban Revolution. With his nonviolent civil disobedience movement, Mahatma Gandhi led India’s independent with a unique message in the dirty and violent world.

M Nurul Islam, Founder General Secretary of Al-Ameen Mission

In the early 1980s, when Muslims were undergoing a severe confidence crisis. Muslims’ representations in every socio-economic parameters were below national average and meager be it in public service, doctors, teaching, legal services, etc. In addition, post-Independence and partition, Muslims in India were leaderless and directionless and were struggling to retain their identity, M Nurul Islam realized that education is only one this that can help this community to gain confidence and give social and economic viability and sustainability.

He started a small boarding school in an infamous village of Khalatpur in Howrah district of West Bengal. Al-Ameen Mission might not be as famous as IITs or IIMs across India but it is a revolution. Al-Ameen Mission has been able to give two strong positive messages and directions to the Muslims. Firstly, you don’t have to be rich to be educated and successful professional like a doctor, civil servant or professor. If you have the will, you can achieve it. Secondly, Al-Ameen Mission guides its students how to serve the society from your profession.

This is exactly how Al-Ameen Mission has helped me.

Al Ameen Mission was founded in a remote village named Khalatpur in tree state of West Bengal at a time when there was a sudden change in the Educational Infrastructure after the Partition of West Bengal as most of the famous educational Institutions were in Bangladesh at that time. The most affected system of this partition was the educational system of minorities. They were in need of some institutions where they can get the Islamic education parallel with the modern day’s education. The sole motto of this mission was to impart education and to give equal opportunities to grow up for all the sections of the minority community. This mission very wisely understood that Education is the only tool to change the condition of any society.

Started with only 11 students in the first year of its existence, it has now 18 thousand alumni and 5 thousand day-scholars in all its campuses spread across over West Bengal, Bihar, Assam, and Tripura. The students from a poor background of these areas were given all equal facilities free of cost. These expenses were mainly meeting by the Zakat collection. Considerable numbers of seats are also reserved for the meritorious orphan students.

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In India, one of the main issues of illiteracy is the failure in connecting the poor families at the primary and preprimary level. Al Ameen Mission has stood up for this challenge and keeping the intention to connect as many families with education in the rural areas, it has opened 26 institutions which are running successfully. Al Ameen Mission has now entered into Medical and Engineering stream. It is producing many doctors and engineers every year who once read on Zakat money are now giving Zakat to the society.   It is spread across 15 districts of West Bengal, serving students from the poor background. Currently, the mission is serving 18 thousand students.

Al-Ameen Mission recognizes and awards the toppers

More than 55 students have successfully passed the State Civil Services and allied exams. A good number of Research scholars are engaged in National and International Institutions.

Apart from this, Al Ameen Mission has engaged in social activities. It has started many healthcare camps in many parts of the state. Whenever any calamity occurs, it gives it full support by the free Medical Camps. It also provides Ambulance services at subsidized rates. Al Ameen Mission has created a competitive environment in all over the Bengal. It has given the poor students the confidence to stand through which they are ready to face any challenges.

It is said that “Education is not Destination but it is a journey…” and this Mission has made this saying to be seen true.

However, the journey is not over. In New Town, Kolkata, on a 2-acre land allotted by Government of West Bengal in subsidized rate and in Ghaziabad, near New Delhi, Al-Ameen Mission is coming up with a Coaching, Training & Research Institute for Higher Studies. It will provide coaching for Civil Service, IIM, and IIT aspirants and will also coach doctors who are aiming to take admission in post-graduate degree courses.

It will provide training facilities for the teachers and administrative staffs of the Mission. Plans are afoot to initiate research in the field of Higher Education in these Centres. The Research scholars will be given accommodation and research facilities under one roof. In one word, these two centres will be the Centres of Excellence of Al-Ameen Family. The dream is to make Al-Ameen Mission an Institute of National Importance.