AL-Ameen Students Excelled in NEET and Board Exams

In 2018, 423 Al Ameen Students have ranked within 50,000 in NEET and 1315 out of1349 students have scored in 10th board examinations. Al Ameen Mission provides coaching to Needy students of society.

AL-Ameen Students Excelled in NEET and Board Exams

After changing the lives of thousands of students in Bengal, Al-Ameen Mission is now empowering them by training them for professional courses. A student got 640 marks in NEET and All India Test rank 260.

Mohammad Sinan Hammam Mia is a student of the Mission’s Uluberia branch. Nurul Islam, head of Al-Ameen Mission, is very happy with this grand success. He congratulated all students and the teachers. He emphasized that struggle and hard work is necessary for success. “We are gradually breaking all previous records and scaling bigger heights,” said Islam. He thanked all who helped the Mission to develop over the years.

In this year, around 13 million students appeared in the examination. Since 2017, the NEET has been in place at the All India level for medical entrance.

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The results were much better this year. Last year, around fifty thousand students appeared for NEET but the Mission was able to get 121 students in qualifying list. This year, the number has increased to 400. Sinan Hammam Mia has got rank one among Al-Ameen Mission students, this year. He gave higher secondary examination from Kharagpur branch of Al Ameen mission. He got medical training from Uluberiya medical center.

Sheikh Akib who is in second in the rankings, said he was trained by the trainer of Al Ameen Mission’s Kharagpur branch, along with his uncle Mubaswar Hosen who helped him a lot. He is a fan of football star Ronaldo and his favorite food item is Biryani. Akib’s father Shaikh Giyasuddin is a farmer. He always encouraged his son to be a doctor. Sharif Ahmed Mandal, is among the others who fared exemplary.