All Victims are not Muslims but Most of the Victims are Muslims

If we truly redefine terrorism beyond our political propaganda, the statement that “All Muslims are not terrorists but All Terrorists are Muslims” will be proved wrong and will be replaced by “All victims are not Muslims but most of the victims are Muslims”

All Victims are not Muslims but Most of the Victims are Muslims
All Victims are not Muslims but Most of the Victims are Muslims

The world has been suffering from Terrorism for so many years. No country is untouched of its effects. The last decade of 20th century and the 1st decade of the 21st century have been most affected by terrorism. Most of the terrorist activities took place during this period. This was the period when first time in the history, many powerful countries like the US, England, Australia united together for the “War for Peace“. The war was led mainly on lands of some Muslim countries like Afghanistan and Iraq due to which the famous quotation was also invented “All Muslims are not terrorist but All Terrorists are Muslims”. There was no counter question for this and no second angle was there for this statement in the mind of people for which the Media houses played a major role in portraying every accused Muslim as a terrorist. And people started blindly believing that the Muslims were the cause of every attack.

In India, we have seen many such cases in which the accused also labeled as the terrorist and mastermind came out as innocent from the court of law. Many Muslims like Nisar Uddin from Gulbarga have been in jail for more than two decades on false cases. Sometimes, these innocent Muslims are trapped by the false media reporting. Recently one false reporting by a popular English news channel led three Muslim youths (Abdullah Basith, Salman Mohiuddin Qadri, and Hannan Qureshi) from Hyderabad to jail for more than two years of intense police interrogation who are now finally freed without charge.

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The world leaders were sincere in the fight against terrorism but never were serious to fight against terrorists. No leader has ever shown eagerness to find the root cause of terrorism.

For the first time an Indian Leader, our Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi gave a strong message to the whole world after the Paris attack in the year 2015 by urging the UN to define terrorism otherwise UN may become irrelevant.  “If this is not done soon, institutions such as the United Nations may soon become irrelevant,” Modi said.

This statement of our Prime Minister was showing the mirror to all the world leaders whose fight against terrorism was mainly politically motivated. It should have been the topic of discussion for the Media Prime Time but Media houses didn’t bother much on this as they might have the default definition of terrorism in their dictionary.

Terrorism should and must be defined if we are really sincere to eradicate it. If today’s world is thinking to redefine terrorism, then its credit should only go to Mr. Narendra Modi.

Now let’s define terrorism. Terrorism simply means to terrorize. And the terrorists are those who terrorize innocent people by using any unlawful means. There is no specific level of terrorism. Even a person can be terrorized by the words. We generally use some terms like murder, riots, lynching, killing etc, which are nothing but terrorist activities.

Terrorism can only end if we are honestly able to see all the acts of terrorism with one eye. The first terrorist act in Independent India was the killing of the Father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi. And the first terrorist of Independent India was Nathuram Godse. The unlawful act of attack on Babri Masjid was a terrorist activity. It was the first organized terrorist activity in India. The killing of Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi was a terrorist act. The killing of thousands of innocent civilians in Gujarat in the year 2002 was a terrorist act. The attack on Akshardham Mandir was a terrorist act. The innocent civilians killed in the name of a cow are terrorist activities.

If we see, most of the terrorist activities which took place in India are politically motivated. Sometimes, injustice leads to terrorism. The example for this is Palestine. The killing of innocent Palestine civilians is also terrorist activities.

So, if we redefine terrorism then we find the earlier statement that “All Muslims are not terrorists but All Terrorists are Muslims” is false. Rather the statement “All the victims are not Muslims but most of the victims are Muslims” seems perfect in this definition.

We once again thank our Prime Minister Narendra Modi to give us first time the serious topic to discuss which is also basic in the long run of this fight against terrorism.

Article Written By: Syed Azhar Ashraf