Anti-Bangladesh Conspiracy should be Ended: Nizam Chowdhury

I do believe, during the tenure of Joe Biden, the existing good relationship between the American Democratic Party and Bangladesh Awami League will reach a new height.

Anti-Bangladesh Conspiracy should be Ended : Nizam Chowdhury

The Policy Times Dhaka Bureau :
It would be hard to find a political leader like the daughter of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina not only in Bangladesh but also in South Asia, who has successfully placed herself in the heart of the people through her political wisdom, prudence, skills, vision and development capacity. Today’s writing conveys why Bangladesh needs Sheikh Hasina in State power, the necessities and the relevance of her leadership and the fake propaganda of the conspirators as well.

A Daydream to Rising on Power: Earlier on January 20, 2021, some politicians of Bangladesh were excited after Joe Biden has sworn oath as the 46th President of the United States. Let me clear, Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, Dr. Mohammad Yunus and Dr. Zafrullah have dreamed that the Biden Administration will assist to put them in the state power of Bangladesh. Actually, they have indulged themselves in such type of fantasy. Alas! They fail to realize without the people’s support their daydream would never come true. In fact, their politics in Bangladesh is largely based on fake propaganda, throwing petrol-bomb, vote manipulation etc. Without creating terror and panic, BNP-Jamaat has never successfully come to the power, as they always prioritize the gun, conspiracy, murder, coup, electoral fraud, and foreign money over the willingness of the people. This type of daydream comes to those people’s minds, who do not have an idea about today’s foreign policies and their practices. I do believe, during the tenure of Joe Biden, the existing good relationship between the American Democratic Party and Bangladesh Awami League will reach a new height. Besides, some politicians of our country fail to comprehend that the foreign policy of the USA does not depend on any individual’s choice.

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International Conspiracy: Now, the conspirators have tied up with Qatar-based television channel Al-Jazeera in a $500 million deal against Bangladesh, to spread false and fabricated news against Sheikh Hasina, one of the most popular prime ministers of the world, and our Bangladesh Army. BNP-Jamaat has invested a huge budget in this deep conspiracy to spread propaganda through social media with the help of David Bergman, the son-in-law of Dr. Kamal; Kanak Sarwar who was convicted in the pornography case, and pro-Pakistani Ilyas Hossain. It has been heard that a powerful team of intelligence agency ISI of Pakistan has been reportedly working with them by seeing the unprecedented development in Bangladesh. But fear not, all these conspiracies against Bangladesh will be nullified by the people of this country, just as we defeated them in 1971.

The emergence of Conspiracy: After the independence, the opponents of the liberation war of Bangladesh had started plotting, and it still continues that never seems to an end. The main conspiracy that had started at the end of 1974 lasted until August 15, 1975, when they were spreading false propaganda against the leaders of the Awami League to create a misconception and fear in the public mind. Nowadays, once again the group of anti-independence is spreading propaganda against the country in the same way at home and abroad. Nevertheless, their plots have been repeatedly destroyed by Sheikh Hasina’s government, which is supported by the people of the country. Now, conspirators have to understand that the same plot and conspiracy of 1975 will not be successful. The people of Bangladesh are aware of the fact that the advancement and the development of Bangladesh could be only established with the strong leadership of Sheikh Hasina. Undoubtedly, there has no such notable development of Bangladesh done before by the other political parties except the Awami League. In addition, in the third consecutive term in a row, the ruling party, Bangladesh Awami League with the strong leadership of Sheikh Hasina’s government can clearly distinguish who are the allies or enemies of the country.

After the liberation war in 1971, with a vision to build Sonar Bangla, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman tried to restructure the fragile economy and infrastructure of newly independent Bangladesh, but the anti-independence group killed Bangabandhu with his family members in order to make the country a puppet state. The conspirator’s effort to prove Bangladesh as a failed state goes in vain as today’s Digital Bangladesh is a role model to the world in many parameters. Their objective was to destroy the leading political party of the great liberation war, the Awami League by killing the Bangabandhu. After 1975, they thought that without Bangabandhu, Awami League would never be strong like before. However, the Bangladesh Awami League not only formed with the vigorous leadership of Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina but also elected by the people mandate three consecutive times and fourth time in total. The ruling Awami League government formed a national consensus government to create unity among the parties, and even, they were in several discussions with the oppositions. The BNP-Jamaat has never acknowledged Sheikh Hasina’s hundreds of achievements for a moment rather they played heinous roles to save the murderers of the father of the nation, and the war criminals. They even took the help from Pakistan parliament to stop the war criminals’ trials. The people of Bangladesh condemns these heinous works, as a consequence, the BNP-Jamat has been out of power for a long time. Again, this vicious group becomes active to spread their propaganda against the country and the Awami League, when Bangladesh gets the United Nations recognition as a middle-income country.

When the government of Sheikh Hasina has taken a stand on zero tolerance against corruption, the BNP-Jamat starts to create falsified allegations against the Awami League. Most of the people of this country are honest, patriot and hard-working, that’s why Bangladesh is getting success. On the eve of the 50th independence of our country, we were making the preparations to celebrate the 100th Birthday of Bangabandhu, a pandemic, named, Covid-19 was broke out in the world. The Sheikh Hasina led government controls the situation with care and in a diligent manner. This success makes a group jealous, so they target to harm the image of Bangladesh by spreading duplicate and falsified news. We know very well, who these people are. These people never acknowledge the independence of our country, and they spread false news in order to misdirect the people against the Awami League. Now, the people are very conscious; they realize who the well-wisher of them and the country is. One thing, we should be aware of, some people did not care about the progress of the society or the global image of the country. These people only serve their own interests and they always are on side of the ruling party. The modern versions of this type are the people like Shaeed, Papia, Sabrina and Arif. These types of people always exist in society. The good news is the current government is taking actions against these frauds after identifying them with the help of digital equipment and our police force. Unfortunately, some people criticize this initiative also, although many well-known media centres promote these people by allowing them in different talk shows. How can these media centres deny their involvement to promote a corrupted person? As we see, we have a deep-rooted problem; that is- we find amusements in criticizing others but cannot tolerate others while they point out our mistakes. We need to change this attitude immediately.

The patriotic army of Bangladesh is highly respected all over the world by establishing a shining example of their sky-high loyalty and patriotism. They have been serving proudly in the United Nations peacekeeping missions to ensure safety in the least developed countries that brightened the image of the country. Like a tragic incident after the liberation war of Bangladesh, a group of conspirators tries to misguide some military army to make the role of the army controversial and destroy the unity and bondage inside the military army. We have to keep in mind that all the convicted conspirators will be taken under the law. Besides, some of the retired military army officers have been spreading fake propaganda through the name of discussion and the Dua-Mahfil. Based on their activities, it is clear that their aim is to stop the advancement of the country by making a plan to kill Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. They tried to kill her almost 19 times in the last 40 years including August 21, 2004.

Bangladesh is now progressing in almost every sector and becoming a proud nation. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina shows the world how a least developed country can make a progress by proper utilizing its limited resources, that’s why she is considered a global role model. In a recent IMF declaration, it has said that the growth of the GDP of Bangladesh and the per capita income will be higher gradually among the South Asian countries. The growth in per capita income, the huge budget, the upward GDP, employment, education, culture, foreign policy, increasing export income through foreign trade expansions, providing subsidies to increase remittance flows have achieved a tremendous success which has crossed all past records in the current foreign exchange reserves to the $45 billion marks.

During the golden jubilee celebrations of independence, the $50 billion foreign exchange reserve will be ranked as a historic hallmark in 50 years. The contribution of the government of Sheikh Hasina is noteworthy in the garments sector. Bangladesh is the world largest readymade garment exporting country and generating approximately & 30 billion in export value every year. Foreign investment of $12 billion has come in the last few years which give us a clear image of the business-friendly environment in Bangladesh. Today, many developing countries around the world have learnt from Sheikh Hasina who patronages establishing 100 economic zones across the country with an aim to develop internationally recognized industrial institutions. To ensure women empowerment in all sectors, the government of Sheikh Hasina ensured women education, the safety of the women in the work atmosphere, and the job facilities including in the police, army, judiciary etc.

The rise of women leadership in Bangladesh politics among Southeast Asian countries has surprised the world. Among the successful women leaders around the world, the daughter of Bangabandhu ranked second whereas German Chancellor Angela Merkel placed the first. The last 10 years will be remembered by the people because of the huge developments in every sector. The rejection of the fund by the World Bank could not put obstacles in the pathway of Sheikh Hasina. Utilizing the resources of the country, she has made the dream of Padma Bridge become true. In the issue of the Padma Bridge, the BNP-Jamaat has spread the fake propaganda that the bridge would not be possible without the loan of the World Bank. The commercial usages of Padma Bridge are a matter of time now. To bring all country under the railway network, the connectivity of the railway is now expanding. The plan of the power sector has become a reality today. The government is now working to ensure 100 per cent of electricity in the whole country by 2021. The seaport of Payra has already started its experimental operation which could immensely contribute to the economy of Bangladesh. The Mongla seaport is reviving again and has turned into a profit-making entity in recent years with an increasing number of ships using the port. The government has taken the Matarbari port development project to ensure sustainable development to build sound maritime logistics that will support the growing trade of Bangladesh and to develop as a regional hub of connectivity. The construction work of the third terminal of Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport is continuing. Domestic and foreign passengers are now getting the benefits of commercial use of the Cox’s Bazar Airport, and Sylhet Airport after the up-gradation. The implementation of the master plan to build Bangabandhu International Airport near Padma Bridge will add new dimensions to the international connectivity of Bangladesh. Moreover, the development of domestic airports is now noticeable.

There will be no homeless in Bangabandhu’s Bangladesh. In this Mujib year, among the 9 lacs homeless, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina handed over the key and documents of a new home to almost 70 thousand at the first phase of the entire project. Earlier, three lacs homeless got their homes, and within March, more than one lac homeless people are expected to get their homes. It is a rare case in the history of the world. Floods, droughts, global climate change, heavy rains, droughts, cyclones are now becoming a routine occurrence all over the world. In the sector of agriculture, Bangladesh has reached a notable position. Since the independence period, 30% of the arable lands have decreased but with the modernization of agriculture, we are now food sufficient countries as well as we are also exporting different food items which add the foreign currency to our economy. We are ranked fourth position in the world in the production of freshwater fish. We are not falling behind; rather we are able to export cattle, chicken, duck etc. after fulfilling our internal demands. So, I want to warn the conspirators. If we want to get the benefits of our independence, we need to eliminate these culprits and put a ban on their politics.

To conclude, no one can suppress Bangladesh. Bangladesh is safe at the hands of Bangabandhu’s daughter Sheikh Hasina. Only she has the ability to uphold the sovereignty of Bangladesh and place us as a proud nation on a global platform. She opens up the new possibilities by introducing Bangabandhu Satellite, Karnaphuli Tunnel, Metrorail, and ensures the rightful possession of a vast maritime boundary; not only these, but she also provides vision-21 & 41 for future generations.

The only mission of Sheikh Hasina is developed in Bangladesh. According to a recent report of the Washington Post, Bangladesh will play a very crucial role in the military and civilian sectors in future global politics. Due to the geographical location, and rapidly becoming a country of developed economies, Bangladesh has become the talk of the world among the countries of the emerging economy.

Nizam Chowdhury
Political and Economic Analyst
Senator, University Of Dhaka.
Chairman, Global Islami Bank.

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Anti-Bangladesh Conspiracy should be Ended: Nizam Chowdhury
I do believe, during the tenure of Joe Biden, the existing good relationship between the American Democratic Party and Bangladesh Awami League will reach a new height.
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