Are journalists safe?

With the countless number of threats to journalists, journalism has become the most dangerous jobs in the world. The recent threats are to a known NDTV journalist, Ravish Kumar.

Are journalists safe
Are journalists safe

Ravish Kumar is a journalist known to cover Indian politics and features in ‘best of best.’

The threats have been going on for about 2 years now, with even an ex CISF jawan threatening him through a video message.

He told NDTV, “Suddenly, I started getting thousands of calls on my phone. When I used to block one number, I got calls from another and the kind of language used by all of them was derogatory.”

He has highlighted that the police have taken no action, till now. The Hindu highlighted some of his concerns, “It is all well-organized and has a political sanction.”

Should he be really scared about the threats? Of course, last year Gauri Lankesh was shot outside her home in Bengaluru, Shantanu Bhowmick was kidnapped and killed and various more cases.

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One of the most disturbing threats has been to Rana Ayyub, which has even gone to the degree of the United Nations Human Rights Council trying to protect her.

“We are highly concerned that the life of Rana Ayyub is at serious risk following these graphics and disturbing threats,” said the UN experts.

The statistics are very disturbing, with 47 journalists losing their lives since 1992 and 2018. Last year along 4 journalists have been killed, while two are already killed this year and its only halfway through the year. These statistics are from the Committee to Protect Journalists.

Does that scare certain journalists? A journalist wants to uncover the truth, and as Ravish Kumar pointed out certain justifications which shocked everyone in a series called Shut up Ya Kunal.

“You’re choosing to be made fools of. “When they’re talking of tanks one day and submarines another, they’re not talking of tanks or submarines, they’re fooling you,” Ravish told on the show.

AltNews’s Patik Sinha has pointed out to Ravish Kumar that a fake quote by him has angered people.

The fake news quoted Kumar “supported the rapist in the rape of an 11-year-old in a Madarsa in Delhi.”

Kumar has clarified his denial of making such an absurd statement!

People should not believe everything they read, and should always confirm with a number of publications before drawing a conclusion.

At the end of the day, a death is a death and a threat can lead to mental torture!

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