India’s Spirit won in Delhi

Delhi election: Push button for democratic effervescence

India’s Spirit won in Delhi_The_Policy_Times

Abstract: Kejriwal’s victory in the recently concluded election shows that the politics of development has not died down. This election was a battle between two different ideologies; one is the ideology of hatred and communalism and the other is the ideology of development. People have stood with the politics of development and rejected the politics of Hindu-Muslim. BJP’s rhetoric of polarisation has failed to attract voters. This is going to be a stepping stone for a new beginning in Indian politics. It reposes faith in our great democracy.

Delhi election result has been declared. Aam Admi Party has shown spectacular performance winning 62 seats out of 70. While BJP only got 8 seats, 4 seats more than the previous Assembly election.

This election was extraordinary not merely because it was the election of the capital of the country but also because the whole world was looking at it as to which ideology wins over whom. Some stalwarts of BJP along with so many alliance partners from across the country have put up a ferocious fight against Aravind Kejriwal. But finally, the one-man army had the last laugh.

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It was a battleground of ideologies. BJP along with her alliance partners like JDU, LJP, and others have fought with the ideology of Hindutva. The BJP sought to communalize the election ploy by demonizing Shaheen Bagh protesters protesting against recently passed Citizenship Amendment Act. BJP’s Amit Shah urged voters to vote BJP so that shock hits the Shaheen Bagh. Similarly, Kapil Mishra of BJP vilified Shaheen Bagh protesters as Mini Pakistan. Another BJP leader called Kejriwal a ‘terrorist.’

So much of vilification and mudslinging was rare in Indian politics until recent times. However, Kejriwal maintained decency throughout. While responding to ‘terrorist’ remark, Kejriwal said, ‘ Am I a terrorist if I make electricity free; if I improve education in Government schools; if I provide with Mahalla clinic. Can a terrorist provide good education, good health service facility, good drinking water, and free electricity? The people of Delhi will decide.”

Indeed, the people of Delhi have decided: Kejriwal is a ‘ terrorist’ or not. A decisive leader who has sacrificed a lot for the sake of the country. To take a look at his career, Kejriwal was a graduate of IIT, Kharagpur. He then joined Indian Revenue Services reaching up to the rank of Joint Commissioner of Income Tax. He resigned from such a lucrative job for the sake of people. He joined Anna Hazare’s Anti-Corruption Movement. With a vision to make politics corruption-free, he opened his own political party called the Aam Admi Party. He won elections and became Chief Minister but he resigned immediately. The second time, the Delhiites reposed faith upon him again. He became CM and worked hard to ameliorate the pain of the Delhiites. In his own words, he took care of the Delhiites like their eldest son.

The election results show that he is right. People want Kejriwal- an unconventional politician but with a heart to do developmental works. Aravind Kejriwal’s victory is a victory of developmental politics. Had he lost this election, people would have lost faith in the politics of development. In the crossroad of crisis and development, Delhiites have pushed the button to send a signal of hope and positivity. It reposes faith in Indian democracy.

BY Mr. Mokhjumi Ahmed


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Delhi election: Push button for democratic effervescence