Artificial Intelligence to conquer the world in 50 years


Artificial Intelligence is going to rule the world in a century’s time from now. This might seem like an exaggeration at this moment but it is fairly true. The fact that the world is moving towards automation and reducing human effort, there will be a time when AI will account for 800 million jobs. Artificial Intelligence will take over people’s job and having a career would be so hard for a new graduate.

AI is going to cause a lot of problems but it is going to solve the majority of them as well. Doctors might find their existence to be of no value as there will be devices which will scan people’s body and tell them what is wrong with it. There will be medical beds where people will be treated by AI. Surgeries will be done by robots with precision and doctors will just be spectators. This is just 50 years down the line.

The death rate will be massively decreased because of superb medicine and there will be an equal number of toddlers and elders. This will take the world’s population to a staggering 9 billion in just 50 years from now. That is how competitive it is going to be. To narrow the vision from the world to a country, let us talk about India.

India is a country that is home to 1.3 billion. The 1.3 billion population is the second largest in the world and considering the growth rate, it will be number one in no time at all. India is still a developing nation but not for long. The country has a 65% population that is below the age of 35. That is a workforce of hundreds of millions. India is also working towards Artificial Intelligence. It is a country which has seen the future and is working towards AI. The country is minutely treating the whole world with its knowledge as the leading IT companies in India is busy helping minor countries in developing their knowledge about the same.

India’s young population might just turn out to be a boon and in the next fifty years, when the entire world will struggle, India might be the country that manages to cope up with AI with ease. Even though India’s literacy rates are not the highest in the world at this moment, the next generation will surely be one of the most literate in history.

AI is going to conquer the world but humans will still be at the helm and India along with China might just have the edge above everyone else.

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Artificial Intelligence to conquer the world in 50 years
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The Policy Times