Arundhati Roy: Creativity to Controversy

Just being a celebrity, we don't deserve the right to spit out anything publicly. When each word of an intellectual is taken seriously, Arundhati Roy could be little more balanced than being blunt!

Arundhati Roy: Creativity to Controversy

Can ever creativity be the sole attraction of criticism and comments? Indeed! It may be partially true. Whenever we tried to look at the case of one of the most prolific authors of our times, it seems undoubtedly true. An author rose to instant fame after being awarded with Man Booker Prize in 1997 for her work, “The God of Small Things.” It was a matter of pride to win National Film Awards for Best Screenplay in 1989 for the unforgettable film, ‘In Which Anne Gives It Those Ones’. A woman who has been the epitome of women empowerment not only narrowed her intellect to the welfare of women, but also to the common masses that were duly recognized by the Lannan Foundation’s Cultural Freedom Award in 2002 and the Sydney Peace Prize in 2004. It was her tenacious efforts towards the betterment of human rights that she got a special recognition as a Woman of Peace at the Global Exchange Human Rights Awards in 2003. Obviously Time 100 does not just include you in the list of its 100 most influential women as she was included in 2014 before she was awarded Norman Mailer Prize for her distinguished writing in 2011. An author who is as prolific in non-fiction as in fiction, got the Sahitya Akademi Award for her Algebra of Infinite Justice in 2006 which she declined to accept. A woman with such a wide portfolio as an author, essayist, actress, environmentalist, human rights activist could be one and only Arundhati Roy.

Commitment to Contention

Being a voracious reader, I was eagerly waiting for her highly-awaited The Ministry of Total Happiness as it was a fiction going to be published after 20 years as she herself said, “Fiction takes its time.” Even before I could get away from my elation of being in the possession of a new masterpiece, I was really stunned to find such an intellectual letting her tongue loose on the sensible issues. It may be possible that she would still have the grudge for her non-patriotic speech ‘Kashmir Azadi: The only way’ which led her to charges of sedition in 2010. Even though the charges were later drawn back, it seems that she ought to coin a new interpretation of being the sensible citizen of the largest democratic nation in the world. It seems quite ironic that she considers a terrorist (Afzal Guru) “Prisoner of war” and considers the Maoists as Gandhians. If it is not the height of absurdity, then what is it that a prophet of non-violence is being compared to the brazen mercenaries?

Celebrating the Celebrated

If anything is most appropriate being granted to us by our constitution, it is undoubtedly the “Freedom of Expression”. Still, I am left wondering that does this freedom is a freedom enjoyed by the common masses or once again it is being manipulated. It seems that the proletariat is just to be a mute spectator as these rights are celebrated by the celebrities who are wrapped under their eminence. Ah! Its’ a universal fact that the time you get prominent you feel it’s your utmost duty to preach your profligate words in a pathetic manner. Just because someone tried to present the atrocities in a raw, crude manner it seemed a nuisance to you. Had it not been the case she would have never condemned the portrayal of rape in the ‘Bandit Queen’ by Sekhar Kapur as ‘The Great Indian Rape Trick’ being a woman. Just because it is based on a true story and not a fictional character, it seems a trick to you instead of being a visualization of a pathetic heinous crime. At least in all these tantrums which she loves to play on a regular basis, she herself told about her controversial character “We makes me sick”. Really! She is sick of something which is in the interest of the common masses; otherwise she would have never put the attacks on Afghanistan and the attacks on the World Trade Centre on the same moral level. Oh! It seems her sickness is still not diagnosed otherwise she wouldn’t have raised a question on the authenticity and bravery of honorable defence personnel by just blabbering that “India cannot achieve its objective in the occupied valley even if its army deployment raises from 7 lakh to 70 lakhs, further adding that Kashmiris have remained committed with their anti-India sentiments from many years”. The million-dollar question is who exactly is she to prattle at such length? Ya! She could do it because she considers herself a legitimate contender of delivering illegitimate words which has nothing to do with either the welfare of the nation or the common masses.

The Concluding Words

It is needless to say that a person with such high stature needs to be more sensible. Each of her each word should be well-balanced and cross-checked thoroughly as just speaking for the sake of speaking is no way going to benefit anyone. These grotesque vocals may seem appropriate in the vocabulary of the uneducated people for an instant, but it’s like an unforgiving mistake for intellectuals like Arundhati Roy.