Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya : Ordinary Story Or an Untold Social Saga

We have many graduates today but we have been able to educate a few. This week’s movie for analysis is “Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya.” Like every week, this week too, we have tried to review the movie under the social scanner!

Badrinath Ki Dulhaniya Ordinary Story Or an Untold Social Saga
  1. Introduction

How sad you feel when you find that you had intentionally delayed the spectacle of a movie which had already earned the reputation of being one of the nicest movies? You are also cajoled by your friends for being a guy of exaggerating nature when you claim of being a movie freak and at the end of the day when they ask you about the recent movie, you are clueless and make an absurd expression as if they had asked the questions of elitist mathematics – permutation and combination.

Yes! It is right that even though it has been a very many years since my schooling, the questions of permutation and combination are a tough mountain to climb for me even today. But what could I have said to my friends that as today I am not free because I have to combine a lot of things with my job. Were they going to pardon me for this lame excuse for avoiding such a nice movie when I myself used to pompously advertise that I have been a huge fan of the heartthrob of many girls of our country who could be none other than Varun Dhawan. I am not sure about other people but how could I avoid the movie for a long time which had the combination of Varun Dhawan and the fantasy, the crush and God knows what else of the nation’s youngsters; the angelic beauty Alia Bhatt. I am not sure how people rate them as individual actors who have been regularly giving individual hits but how can I ignore their chemistry which reminds me of the popular chemistry of yesteryears where people used to go to the theatres as they used to love their chemistry onscreen.

My Mindset Before Movie

Like I had already said that I adore this couple onscreen like anything and everything since their first movie “Student of the Year” and being a fan, my love for them increased multifold after the 2014 blockbuster “Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya.” Then it was an obvious fact that I was really excited to have a spectacle once again of their mesmerizing performance which enthrals you to the core of your heart. To be honest something was encroaching my sub-conscious mind that am I really going to tickle my bones this time again or I am just going to be disillusioned as Bollywood is not so much famous for creating sequels like Hollywood. I was aware that it was not a sequel of their previous movie but it was something like a franchise movie as there had been some good movies of Bollywood in the past. Anyhow setting aside the negative ripples of my mind, I decided to have a look at this movie on my weekend when there was nothing more important to do.

Screening Of Movie

As the camera rolled into action the very first monologue “Hamare desh mein bache ke janam se hi uski balance sheet ban’ne lagti hai … ladka equal to asset … ladki equal to liability … asset ke janam ki khushi mein boondi ke laddu bat’te hai aur liability ke janam ke mauke pe saste pedhe … ladka kitna bhi nalayak ho, uski value badhti hi jaati hai … aur ladki kitni bhi honhaar ho, uski entry asset column mein nahi hoti” broke all my weird misconceptions that its’ going to be just a bone-tickling journey. How realistic words had been quoted by our Badri who tries to remind us of our male chauvinism in a funny way? Even though we today boast of being modern, civilized, globalised, we hadn’t been able to come out of our centuries old self-created hypocrisy. We tend to exaggerate ourselves of a sensible and cultured covilisation by giving lengthy lectures on religion fanaticism whenever there are violent attacks by a certain diseased sections of the society but we don’t feel necessary to lend our eyes and ears to our self-created gender fanaticism. Doesn’t our own conscience argue with our sub-conscious mind when we set a double standard for our own children or had we lost our conscience when we ponder in case of our female child?

As the camera rolled further at the time when I should feel thrilled when the cameraman says “Aare yeh tedha munh karke kyun smile kar rehe ho? Shah Rukh Khan ho kya?”I felt a chill in my spines that how much we are still subject to satires and ridicule if we hadn’t got achievement as par the parameters which this so called society had set for us?

Love: Losing Its’ Meaning

This four letter word “LOVE” or better say the three golden words “I Love You” which is advocated as the most important aspect of our life had been also the prey of our disintegrating society which is building itself on materialism. How beautifully our Badri states the mindset of todays’ youngsters’ when his friend asks that had he fallen in love? What an appropriate reply it was; Are pagla gaye ho kya…? Are prem ka samay kab ka khatam ho gaya… hum toh sidha shaadi rachayenge”. How much this feeling which had been unanimously advocated as pious had been subject to a phase of time. How much our teenagers are going through a phase of moral degradation that the virtue which had been advocated by the scholars and philosophers as timeless is regarded as a timely matter by this futuristic generation?

They claim to be highly conscious of their future after degrading the auspiciousness of this utmost virtue as they consider it affair in which they can get involved at any point of time. Had it not been the case our Vaidehi wouldn’t have replied in such a blunt manner when asked by her friend that whether love is important for you or not? Her reply isBahut important hai… lekin izzat usse bhi zyada important hai… aur iss waqt na… na woh hamari izzat karta hai… na hum uski”and it comes at the time when she leaves not only her own marriage but also putting her elder sister’s marriage on stake after ruining the highly acclaimed “Izzat” which she had already ruined of two families. Oh! How can we forget our Badri ridiculing his brother on a lighter note for his old flame when he says; “Ghar me ek Devdas hi kafi hai” as we had been taught to move on in life. How much it seems weird that we learn to move on from the same person with whom we had sweared to move forward in life?

Every Bird Wants To Fly

It may be right that each and every person of the world may not appreciate to move on in life but it almost more than sure that everyone wants to move up in life. How much it looks heart-touching when Badri’s brother says “Ye hamse nahi sikhi hai, ham inse sikhe hai” as being a sensible guy he couldn’t ignore the fact that his business had been growing just because her wife hadn’t lost all hopes of her life and utilizes her intelligence and knowledge in her family business. At the time when movie was going as usual the several one liners from different characters prompted me to have an insight into the human psychology that how much a person is eager to fly high in his or her life as he couldn’t make the illogical barriers to be a logical blockade of his life. Whether it be the funny portrayal of ChutkiMe or the funny portrait of Hrithik Roshan for Vaidehi’s sister(Kritika), it seemed that each and every person wants to fly high and can fulfil his dreams which couldn’t be possible in small town cities. I was literally mesmerized by the fact that how beautifully the movie tried to portrait the perils of the dowry system in a mixed manner of anguish and humour. At one time we feel rage when Kritika’s would be father-in-law says to Badri; “Tum Hamko Kya Samjhane aaye ho. Kal tumhari shaadi me tumhare Baap jab Muh kholenge to unko kaise chup karaoge.” At the other time this dialogue; Bina dahej liye pitaji shaadi karayenge nahi aur dahej sabd sunte hi Vaidehi hinshak ho jaati hai” tickles our bone for a second but prompts us to think on a deeper note that how much we are still engrossed in the dark primitive age where a marriage is impossible without dowry. The perils and profanity of the dowry are better not to mention but one dialogue by Vaidehi; “Ham bachpan se na apna ghar ka beta banne ki koshish kar rahe hai” clearly bound us to have a close look towards the peril of the dowry which forces a girl to be something which could ease her parents’ worries at the time when she and her remain siblings would get married.

The Concluding Words

It may be just one of the comic entertainers of the lot but hardly I care for those who have such a non-caring attitude. I just wish that the ideal, the role model of our young generation would come forward with such issues of the society which could at least give an inkling to our fat brain which is still engrossed somewhere else where it shouldn’t be. I hope it wouldn’t be an unjust hope from this combination that they come with such movies like this which not only give us a healthy entertainment but also combine the various evils of our society and give us a chance to have a fresh perspective.

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