Bahubali: Deference to the Different

India’s biggest blockbuster movie Bahubali: Beginning and Conclusion provides some hard-touching social messages apart from portraying history. Here are a few!

Movie Review- Bahubali- Deference to the Different


Gone are the days when language tend to be a barrier in the exchange of culture and habits of distant lands even though we exaggerate these exchanges often. Being a resident of the modern world, it seems unnecessary to tell that arts have no dependence on language. Today we not only exchange our cultures but also are lucky enough to be part of their cultural celebrations. Then would it be a surprise if we get the opportunity to celebrate this cultural exchange in the form of a movie called Bahubali? It is absolutely mesmerising to watch “Bahubali” from Beginning to Conclusion without a pause starring Prabhas; the pristine megastar along with Tamannaah and Anushka Shetty; the two glittering gems of silver screen.

My Mindset before Movie

Being an ardent fan of history, I am very fond of movies which deal with the kings and queens. A lot of such movies reminds me of the lifestyle of that age. This thought was haunting me whether a movie with palaces, elephants, armies, etc. would really enthral me or not. However, putting aside my thoughts, I switched on my laptop to be a part of the biggest blockbuster of our generation.

Screening of Movie

As the camera rolled into action, the very first monologue of Sivagami (Ramya Krishnan, playing the role of Mahendra Bahubali’s grand mother) – “Parmeshwar tu mere paapo ka prayschit chahta hai to mere praan le le. Is bachhe ko jeevan daan de…” was enough to shatter all my pre-conceived notions that it was just one of the lot. It was heart-touching to have a spectacle of that lady ready to sacrifice her life for an infant having an uncertain future. The Almighty blesses us with a life for a bigger purpose rather than wasting it in unnecessary activities. Had it not been the case the Sardar of the rebels wouldn’t have said, Jise apne shareer se prem ho, wo apne praan daaon pe nahi laga sakta. Sometimes, it seems weird to find the young generation losing their path in this materialistic world and blaming the world for losing their motivation. Then I find fiery words of Devsena (Anushka Shetty) even as a prisoner; “Mera lakadiya batorna tumhe pagalpan lagta hai na, Katappa! Chitta saja rahi hu. Bhalaldev ki..” seems to be a guiding force of motivation and dedication even at the time when people may consider us crazy.

Life: A Labyrinth

Since eternity if human has felt fear from something, it is death which is inevitable. Death have been referred as the greatest truth of this universe by scholars. Then what is life? Or are we getting ourself entangled into the labyrinth of life which is the biggest lie of this world? But are we living in the shell of cowardice where we are ready to label someone as God who save our life even once by chance as Sivagami says; Yudh mein sainkadon ko marne wala nayak hai…Lekin jo kisi ek ke bhi praan bachaye woh devta hai.” Being a person of considerate intellect and intelligence, its’ not tough to understand a life lived with ethics and values is far better than a life being spent in the fear of something unforeseen as Amrendra Bahubali (Prabhas) says; “Kya hai mrityu … Hamare haathon se shatru ka mar jaana yeh sochna hai mrityu … Ranbhoomi mein shatru se bhaybheet hokar jeevet rehna hai mrityu?”. We have no control on future, how hard we try? Had it been the case we wouldn’t have left with the question, “Katappa ne Bahubali ko kyu marra?” after Bahubali’s murder.

Honoring the Better-Half

Ah! The accused of the first half; the mystery-man Katappa won all my admiration with his words when he says; “Jo apni patni ki hatya ke baare me soche, wo dimmag se appahiz nahi to kya hai?”. What a realistic line as he has said to this society deeply infected with male chauvinism? Today it had been a common sight to see people inflicting mental and physical pain to the women on the name of dowry, social customs and culture. Then only the standing of Bahubali in favor of his newly-wed wife against all odds when he says “Devsena ko kisi ne haath lagaya to samjho Bahubali ke talwar ko haath lagaya” seems a beautiful message for those who complain of curtailment. Would our Bahubali be able to get a more beautiful message than these words when he says; “Sinhassan ke liye mai apna vachan tod du to aapki parwarish ka apmaan hoga maa!”. Shouldn’t we also fulfil our vow to someone who had left her home just for us inspite of indulging in immoral activities leaving the lust of materials?

Ah! How can I ignore those mamma’s boys who even after becoming young act as young ones. And for these mamma’s boys the words of Bahubali, “Kumar Verma, samay har kayar ko shoorveer banne ka ek awsar deta hai. Yah khshan wahi hai” perhaps act as a Rambaan so that they can come out of their cowardice.

The Concluding Words

It might be an epic movie for a lot but I found Bahubali teach us on life and respect for women. And till the time we have these two attributes, nothing wrong can happen to us as Bahubali says; “Jab tak tum mere saath ho, mujhe marne wala paida nahi hua mama!”.