Balfour Declaration – The Worst Decision

Balfour declaration was a public statement issued by the British government during the World War 1 exactly 100 years ago which announced the support for the establishment of a national home for Jewish people in Palestine.

Balfour Declaration - The Worst Decision
Balfour Declaration - The Worst Decision

The Balfour Declaration was to be a statement by Britain for the saving of Jewish people during 1917, however it has had severe consequences such as the rise of Zionism and the Palestinian territories. Israel was formed thanks to the Balfour declaration. This declaration signed by the British foreign minister in 1917 Lord Balfour basically promised one homeland to others. The ensuing fighting forced at least 750,000 to flee their homes.

Today, there are 5.3 Million Palestinian refugees outside the Palestinian Territories which have been refused citizenship. Since Donald Trump, The US President has come to power, there has been more settler homes for Israelis in the West Bank and East Jerusalem.

“It’s so divisive even today because Zionists think that the Balfour Declaration laid the foundation stone for modern Israel – and they’re right to think that – and by the same token non-Jewish Palestinians and Arabs see it as the foundation stone of their dispossession and misery. Everything stems from the Balfour Declaration,” Jonathan Schneer, a historian who authored a book on the document, told the Associated Press.

People in various parts of the world are protesting against the celebrations of Britain’s Balfour Declaration hitting a hundred years. Protests were carried out from all over the world, one such place was in Ramallah the administrative capital of the occupied Palestinian territories. It was also carried out in South Africa where they view the Balfour declaration similar to the apartheid, which was the racial discrimination by the white minority until 1991. Turkish kids marked the Balfour Declaration with slogans in the Turkish capital of Ankara.

Theresa May, the Prime minister of Britain has publicly stated the pride in creating such a Declaration and hoping for celebrations. Mahmoud Abbas the President of Palestine, demands recognition of Palestine and compensation from Britain for the Palestinian peoples sufferings.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will be celebrating with his British political partners in London on Wednesday, at the Balfour centennial dinner in Westminister on the 2 of November. Protests are seen to disrupt the event and take place all over the world, showing that evil will be conquered and the innocent will prevail.