Bhoomi: A Slap to Our Sophistication

Do we need to leverage our responsibility towards society through meaningless acts or something could be learnt from the blockbusters of modern cinema. An honest review of the Bollywood movie "Bhoomi" by The Policy Times

Bhoomi A Slap to Our Sophistication

At the time when Bollywood has introduced its ‘Pink’ shade we were being accustomed of the green romance on the silver screen; it was considered a very commendable effort from the general public. Thanks to the effort which gave the motivation to other responsible people to take the responsibility of the degrading society on their shoulders. Obviously it was the need of the hour that they could present a movie like “Bhoomi” starring the unparalleled veteran actor Sanjay Dutt along with the dazzling diva Aditi Rao Hyadri and Sharad Kelkar.

My Mindset before the Movie

The trailer of the movie had already created a buzz all around the nation for its ultra-sensitive subject of gang-rape accompanied with the brutal revenge of a wounded father. Being an ardent fan of movies, how could I have missed such a movie which had tried to evoke some common-sense in those diseased minds who still consider women as an object? Even at a time when the movie has been inspired by a true story rather being the product of any crafted author.

Screening of the Movie

The very first monologue of the movie “Hone wale miya ke taarifo ke pool bandh rahe hai, Baarat kam lagta hai, khule saandh khade hai, aise bhi kya heere jade hai, Darshan chhote naam bade hai!” Was funny in nature but it was perfect into hitting my conscience hard enough as how realistic these lines were. How much these lines are appropriate to the existing male chauvinism of our society who boasts a lot about their self-esteem but the actions are still derogatory in nature.

Challenging The Conservatism

It seems quite odd when Bhoomi (Aditi Rao Hyadri) questions why there can’t be Putri (Daughter) in the lines of popular devotional songs “Baanjhan ko putra det”; but even for a second we try to be realistic towards ourselves isn’t this the question which seems appropriate to ponder upon? Or are we still in the medieval era where the devotional songs which have been designed by some narrow-minded conservative people are controlling us? Are we so ignorant that we believe firmly that the devotional songs are the voices of god? How could we miss the very simple but thought-provoking line of Bhoomi when she says “Ladki ka mayka hot hai, sasural haota hai, uska ghar kyu nahi hota” which numbs our senses for few seconds! It is needed to rewind our actions where we boast of women empowerment but are unable to provide a sense of security. For whom we consider the better half of society in order to satiate our male benevolence.

The Sordid Society

Sometimes it seems quite an intermixed question like a labyrinth, of who are to blame for such heinous crimes; this society or those lascivious scoundrels. Really it seems that this society is more than an equal partner of such vicious crimes sai rightly by Dhauli (Sharad Kelkar) who dared to say “Beti ko apni izzat se baap ki izzat jyada payari hoti hai”. There are heights to the insensitiveness towards the victims of our so-called intelligent group, the same way as the dear lawyer that asks Bhoomi “Tumne Rape planning kaha se sikhi”. Or we really need to surrender in the front of this meaningless society as Arun Sachdeva (Sanjay Dutt) when he is forced to utter heavily to her little princess “Tera sirf rape hua hai; mar to nahi gayi na tu”. Do we need to accept that the society is full of such people who consider women as toys as Dhauli says “Betu hogi tumhare liye; hamare liye to khilauna hi hai”. Or could we expect such people like the sister of the scoundrel who bravely exposes the lascivious acts of her without expecting anything in return as she says “Hum to tumse maafi bhi maang nahi sakte”.

 The Virtual Versatility

How painful it is to live in a virtual world when your whole world has been shattered in front of your own eyes. Just because we have been a victim of such lowly crimes even your near and dear ones find it enough to label you as a blot on the society. It seems heart-rending to feel that you have to act as Bhoomi says to her father “Aap kab tak khush rahne ka naatak karte rahoge”. Could it be more excruciating that even when you are trying to build your self-confidence people will let you immerse your morale in a deep drain as Bhoomi says “Ye deewar pe nahi, meri qismat me likha hai….”. The words of Bhoomi urges us to think on a deeper note when she says “Kya karu mombatiya jalauaur dharna du ya aag lagake insaaf maangu”. Isn’t it a slap to our sophisticated method of leveraging our responsibilities through such acts instead of putting concrete steps towards the betterment of women? Sometimes even though the words of Dhauli seems filthy, it is appropriate to our current thought-process when he says to Arun Sachdeva “Desh me har din rape hota hai; tu hi ek baap hai kya jo badla lene nikla hai…” These words give a clear indication to our current psyche where we feel our responsibilities after lighting candles and sitting on Dharnas.

The time has come to learn sensibility  from such a splendid movie otherwise god forbid the day is not far when we will be suggesting  our near and dear ones in such disastrous situations as Alka says to Bhoomi “Kal teri shaadi hai, kisi ko kuch mat bolna; tere papa sah nahi payenge”

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