BJP Drama on Kashmir exposed

BJP wants to make believe that we have the whole Muslim world and Muslim countries also are in support of our policy. Etc. so that in all this news of Kashmir the controversial process of the Bifurcating of the state of Jammu and Kashmir into 2 Union Territories and the troubles & actual problems of the people of Kashmir and the military action on the people of Kashmir are beautifully covered.

BJP Drama on Kashmir exposed


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Chief Justice of Jammu and Kashmir has administered the oath of office to 59-year-old Marmo, who is also a Gujarati as lieutenant governor. The Prime Minister referred to the decision of his government’s cancellation of Article 370 from Jammu and Kashmir, which was standing like an invisible and was promoting terrorism and separatism referring to Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel on the occasion of his birthday 31st October, it is like the fulfillment of the dreams of a legendary leader who wanted to see the nation united.

The election of the Block Development CouncilBDC‘ was used to showcase that the situation in Kashmir is normal. In the 791 panchayat constituencies, the candidates who were awarded the certificates as ‘Elected Un-Opposed’, there are 145,442 votes in Shopian. Not even a single voter turned out to vote in many places. A single candidate was contesting election in several constituencies. Javed Ahmed Qadri succeeded in 3 Panchayat, Mishawar 7, Mishawar 3, and Meshapura 1 has similarly tragic details of each Panchayat. Every panchayat contains such sorrowful details, exciting people with slogans full of zeal like “Let’s go to Kashmir” is nothing short of lack of political and social vision.

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On August 5, 2019, the special status of Article 370 and 35A of Kashmir was abrogated in Parliament. According to the constitution of India, Jammu and Kashmir is an integral part of India from the very beginning and constitutes a Lymphatic system of India. The Hindutwa movement launched unnecessary propaganda in the country saying that we have achieved a great victory by integrating the state of Kashmir into India.

 Before the repealing of the Special Section 35A, the people of Kashmir, that are Indian were not consulted their religious, political, social leaders were overlooked and after that, the local people were placed under ‘LOCKDOWN’ which turned out to be longest “Lockdown” in the history of Independent India. Like a ‘colonial’. Power ‘has invaded and occupied the area. Kashmiri people did not get except large scale arrests and rapes and shut down of all the courts so there is no question of restoration of basic fundamental rights for the Kashmiris as even the senior lawyers of the Bar Council have also been imprisoned on a large scale, total Media ban & internet ban with a complete restrictions on the entry of the political parties of the opposition members of the parliament and the political leaders. Even the relatives of the former chief ministers had to go to the Supreme Court to secure permission to meet them.

Visit of the Members of the European Parliament to Kashmir: They publicized the visit by the MEP delegation on the international level to Kashmir, but as the facts unfolded that uncovered the mystery of the secret cruel plans of the BJP. And the drama created at the highest level has come in open to the world and opened the flood gate of criticism on the national and international levels.

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Madi Sharma, an unknown woman who calls herself an ‘International Business Broker‘ and is a member of the Women’s economic and social think tank ‘WEST’ had issued an invitation through e-mail on October 17 to some anti-Muslim minds of European countries Right-wing (MEP) Members of Parliament received a special invitation for a three-day visit to Kashmir.

The invitation states that “a very important short group is invited to visit Kashmir. All expenses for air tickets, accommodation, and transport are borne by the International Institute for Non-Aligned Studies ‘VIP’ arrangements. During this visit, a special meeting of the ‘delegation’ will be held with Prime Minister Narender Modi. Your participation will be as a private ‘ special guest ‘ and not as a delegation of the European Parliament.”

Charles Davies, a European Member of Parliament, wrote to Madi Sharma, “Of course I would love to come on your invitation. Provided that during my visit to Kashmir I should be allowed to go wherever I want and there should not be any police of the Military appointed for my security arrangements; there must be some journalists and ‘TV’ staff. I cannot finalize my visit to Kashmir unless you give me a written guarantee”.

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 On October 10, 2019, Madhi Sharma sent a response to Erina Von Weise and Charles Davies. “Sorry I cannot include anyone else on the proposed visit to the Kashmir I am going to India and will meet you at your office after I return from India.

 “Davies said there are thousands of families in northwest Britain whose loved ones living in Kashmir want to hear the voices of the people there and the reality is to be evaluated. I am afraid that this is not going to be good. The risks of escalation will increase; buy confiscating the freedom of the people imposing military rule on them and keeping them under arrest you cannot win their hearts and mind that is going to give rise to increase in the extremism”.

 MEP European Parliament MPs were supposed to meet Prime Minister Narender Modi, Vice President Venkaiah Naidu according to program. The delegation included members of the anti-immigrant ‘MEP / Anti-Immigrant right-wing parties‘ such as Germany’s AFD England’s Brexit Party, ‘ Italy’s Fortailia and Poland’s Law. & Justice Party ‘France’s National Rally Party’ was included.

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 European MPs ‘MEP’ met Prime Minister Narender Modi and Vice President Venkaiah Naidu after arriving in Delhi. After that, the delegation left for Kashmir. On the delegation’s visit, strong criticism from the national opposition, political parties, journalists and lawmakers in the country began to appear in the media. Noting this The Ministry of external affairs issued a statement and said in an unambiguous manner Government of India has nothing to do with the delegation’s visit; while all arrangements and protocols were given by the government and the delegation was convened according to a special agenda, the Advisor to the National Security Council arranged the lunch for the delegation.

The government had attached high importance to the visit of the Members of the European Parliament (MEP), as the government wanted to prove that everything is peaceful and normal in Kashmir. For this, the government conducted the Matriculation Examination of the children of Kashmir who are locked up for 90 days. So that it can be said that everything is at peace during the visit of the delegation. Lieutenant General ‘K.J.S. Dillon arranged for them lunch at Badami Gardens. And the Army presented its report on the situation and the delegation was informed about the ‘Loc’ situation. 90% of the journalists were banned from attending the event. In addition, to that, the delegation met with senior government officials and they also informed about the situation.

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Meanwhile, the crowd gathered in Srinagar and started protesting on that police fired tear gas and pellets to disperse the protesters.  The delegation noticed the entire City, Markets hotels, educational institutions, offices were all closed, roads were deserted, and no traffic was seen. The European delegation was taken to Dal Lake for entertainment the beauty and attractiveness of Dal Lake has been completely destroyed and it has been ‘transformed into a lake with dirty smell’. Guests were forced solely for photography. Since the night of October 31, 2019, the state of Jammu and Kashmir had begun to work as a Union Territory. At the same time, the statements of the MEP delegation were to be circulated in the newspaper headlines and on the TV channels as the press statement was prepared and were released in the media. Terrorism is a problem for the whole world, etc.

 Who authorized with so many great powers to an unassuming Brussels Indian woman based in Brussels who tried to make a good special drama by naming a privately invited group as a delegation? all opposition parties, especially the Congress criticized the visit by the MEP, that the Indian  MP’s ‘MP’ is under an imposed ban on visit to Kashmir and the Supreme Court has given Ghulam Nabi Azad MP Permission to visit his area with several strict conditions. Former Chief Minister’s daughter Ilteja Mufti, Farooq Abdullah, Omar Abdullah, former chief minister and their relatives, a member of the Communist Party Assembly, have also been banned from meeting them; contrary to ‘MEP’ at the diplomatic level. Inviting a delegation, the statement is a sign that Kashmir has become a hub of atrocities and illegal and unconstitutional and extrajudicial killings the government is destroying its own people and the government-imposed military rule by hiding it from its own public & leaders of the political parties. The Congress announced that it would launch a campaign against it all over the country.

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In addition, the country’s major English newspapers have also published several articles against the government’s undemocratic attitude. On October 31, ‘The Hindu’ in its editorial strongly opposed the government’s cruel policy on Kashmir. An important constitutional article was published on the same subject in whom Kiran Thapar strongly criticized the government’s dual policy, showcasing and drama. Kiran Thapar wrote that the government says that the Kashmir issue is an internal issue, then inviting a delegation of MEP members by banning the Indian Parliament is a sign that the BJP government wants to create a delusion about Kashmir in the world.

 How long it will continue to use its power to crush the people and the opposition against the guarantees provided by the constitution. In the intoxication of power it is destroying all democratic values. Otherwise, there was no need for the certification and rhetoric of the MEP delegation. It is worthwhile to note that the date in which Modi met with Saudi rulers and his widely publicized Saudi joint declaration that any interference in the internal affairs of the countries was unacceptable, terrorism is not acceptable for all countries. Concern over the dangers posed on the same day, the MEP delegation also made a big statement. The abrogation of article 370 is India’s internal affair. We do not want the Kashmir to become a Second Afghanistan.

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Through them, BJP wants to make believe that we have the whole Muslim world and Muslim countries also are in support of our policy. Etc. so that in all this news of Kashmir the controversial process of the Bifurcating of the state of Jammu and Kashmir into 2 Union Territories and the troubles & actual problems of the people of Kashmir and the military action on the people of Kashmir are beautifully covered.

Unwarranted use of constitutional powers: 29 states have come into existence since independence and 7 Union Territories. Since independence, no state has been broken or bifurcated to become a UT but UT has been given the status of a state. What was the sudden need for breaking Jammu and Kashmir to split it into 3 parts into three pieces and create UT, states have come into existence in the world? This is the first time since independence in the country that the state has been broken into Union Territories. Kashmir was declared a Union Territory and according to that, the government is also working. It is worth noting that Eight million citizens are living in Kashmir and it has been given UT status while in Sikkim, which has a population of only 6 lakh Population – 371 is maintained as a state with special status. ‘RSS’ is targeting Kashmiri people under fictitious & unconstitutional statements? The political absurdity of the BJP also led to the recent lack of massive mandate to it in the assembly elections in Maharashtra and Haryana as it fought the elections under the title of 370, which resulted in the people of both states saying that the problem of 370 Kashmir has nothing to do with the issues of our farmers. What relevance has it got in offering solutions to the problems of youth and farmers in our states? The BJP has successfully been rejected by the people and the opposition parties ‘NCP’ & Congress have emerged as more powerful in the elections. This was a tremendous push, but as the BJP is still unwilling to understand sectarian hatred and intolerance, due to its adamant attitude under the intoxication of power.

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Saudi joint declaration that any interference in the internal affairs of the countries is unacceptable, terrorism is posing a major threat to all countries alike.  On the same day, the MEP delegation also made a big statement on the same day Article 370 India’s internal affairs We do not want Kashmir to become a second Afghanistan,. Kashmir has to be opened like the rest of the states of India or like other Union Territories of India. The people should be open to the public and the military should move to its barracks. Till the time Civil society, political and social representatives and leaders are not taken into confidence. The situation will continue to be disturbing and Kashmir will be destroyed very badly.

All major Study & Research Institutes of the world are publishing an inquiry into India’s BJP government’s anti-Kashmir policies. Independent organizations have issued their reports on RSS and BJP which contain reports on human rights violations in Kashmir and the cruelest treatment of all the people of the state.

The people of the entire state cannot be punished under the excuse of national security. A statement from General Secretary BJP Ram Madhu is enough to read what type of mentality he has.  When he was asked what is the justification for detaining the former chief ministers. He replied that we have received secret information that if they were released then the culture of guns would return to Kashmir again.

 All the political and social leaders, against whom the Government of India had long withdrawn all the terrorism charges, have again been opened and they have been transferred to different jails of the country. Instead of breaking the mountains of hardships & harassment on the masses, these problems could have been solved through dialogue.

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 Prime Minister Modi once said that we do not want to solve the Kashmir issue through dialogue not bullets. Where are those dialogues, The people were told that we want to pursue the program of development & better life for the Kashmiris on the other side  the secret agenda is being implemented by the  BJP’s dubious policy.

 A detailed investigation report from the US House of Representatives of the Human Rights State Department of America has been published on the issue of Kashmir and the situation which is a must to get insight into the problem of Kashmir.


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BJP Drama on Kashmir exposed
BJP wants to make believe that we have the whole Muslim world and Muslim countries also are in support of our policy. Etc. so that in all this news of Kashmir the controversial process of the Bifurcating of the state of Jammu and Kashmir into 2 Union Territories and the troubles & actual problems of the people of Kashmir and the military action on the people of Kashmir are beautifully covered.