Who is to Blame for Mumbai Flood Mayhem?

Heavy rains in Mumbai are nothing new. Considering floods devastating many Indian states including Gujarat, West Bengal, Assam and Bihar, it is expected and forecasted to have heavy rains in Mumbai. But the sheer mismanagement of state machineries not only frustrate civilians but also pose a serious question - can we trust our political class to serve us better despite paying heavy tax?

Who is to Blame for Mumbai Flood Mayhem

The heavy downpours in Mumbai that have received rainfall of over 12.7 cm on Tuesday have thrown the city completely out of gear. The public transport, that has been lifeline of Mumbai, is paralyzed leaving thousands stranded in their workplace overnight.

The visibility became so poor that flights were delayed or diverted by the airport authorities.

In Mumbai, at least 15 people died and 12 others injured as per the estimates of the government officials. The biggest city in India (the city is home to 20 million people) was brought down to its knees by torrential rain that was 9 times more than the average.

The National Disaster Response Force have started rescue mission along with Mumbai police evacuating people who are stranded in the low lying areas, although much of their efforts were thwarted by continual rain.

“The heavy rains, flooding, are delaying our rescue work. Even we are stranded,” said Amitesh Kumar, the joint police commissioner in Mumbai.

Solid Waste Management System at BrihnMumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) was contacted by The Policy Times, although they declined to comment.

The King Edward Memorial hospital in Central Mumbai faced the seepage of rainwater forcing the doctors to vacate the paediatric ward. “We are worried about infections … the rain water is circulating rubbish that is now entering parts of the emergency ward,” said a doctor in the 1,800-bed hospital.

It is a show of very poor preparation of the city which boasts itself as a major financial hub in the world. The financial capital of India had a much better drainage system two decades earlier. However, with reclamation of land from the creeks to build high rise buildings have destroyed the drainage system of the city. These creeks were crucial for the passing of the rainwater to the sea that has been chocked by the real estate developers. It can be construed that Maharashtra government has been hand in glove with real estate builders by allowing them to choke the sea creeks and thereby creating a permanent damage to the city’s very critical drainage system.