Blogs and Bloggers: Lights Sparkled on Modern Literature

The Policy Times hosted a round table conference in the form of Bloggers Meet. An all-round discussion on the various aspects of modern literature was discussed.

Blogs and Bloggers: Lights Sparkled on Modern Literature
Photo of all Participants in the Event, Blogs and Bloggers: Lights Sparkled on Modern Literature

The Saturday of 23rd June would have been an ordinary Saturday for a lot of people, but indeed it was entirely different for the people of New Delhi. New Delhi which can boast of numerous doyens of literature would have certainly felt proud when eminent personalities prominently from the field of literature and blogging participated in a Round Table conference. It was organized in the premises of 91 Springboard under the banner of The Policy Times and hosted by Litterateurs. Whether it be the authors, bloggers, publishers, digital marketing experts and editors all culminated together to share their experience and throw light on the various aspects of modern literature.

The event started with the opening remarks of Mr. Akram Hoque, Founder & Editor of The Policy Times, where he welcomed all the dignitaries to the conference. Mrs. Ritika Subhash; Author of “Let’s talk about My Feelings” as being a children author, talked about the importance of parenting in this busy life schedule. And how the authors could contribute in enriched parenting. The event turned its’ tide in favor of bloggers when Mrs. Mridula Dwivedi and Mrs. Ambika Sukumar talked about the rising status of bloggers in modern literature. Mr. Kang Seung Janng and Ko Young Jae elaborated the importance of digital marketing in making the book a bestseller citing the example of some bestselling authors of India.

When things were going a little bit technical, Mr. Nishant Ranjan, Motivational Speaker talked about pursuing dreams when it comes to literature. The dreams of the aspiring got a concrete reason with the presence of ‘Wonder BoyHardik Upreti, a 13-year old author who has already penned down two novels at such a tender age. At the time when people talked about the prospects of publishing, Ms. Tanu Bajwa, PR Head, Blue Rose Publishers enlightened with the various prospects in publishing in the form of self-publishing. Ms. Anam Siddiqui, Chief Editor, LitGleam talked about the multiple fronts of literary magazines and how it is creating new opportunities for the new budding authors. Ms. Yola Singh of Fingerprint Publishers eased the aspect of publishing which has always been a source of worry for the aspiring authors.

The Round Table conference became the evidence of an intellectual discussion. From the doyens of the industry where there are various avenues to expand if appropriately channelized and being an author could be an artistic prospect without sidelining the monetary quotient. The event wrapped up with concluding remarks of Nitish Raj, Coordinator, Litterateurs. He imparted thanks to all the dignitaries present along with raising some questions on the current status of modern literature and authors.