Blue Rose: Tenacity to Blossom the Rose

Just in a matter of six years, Blue Rose has made a memorable impact in self-publishing industry which used to be the monopoly of the earlier stalwarts.

Blue Rose: Tenacity to Blossom the Rose
Blue Rose: Tenacity to Blossom the Rose

The eminent sci-fi writer Hugh Howey once said; “For a long time now, self-publishing has been dismissed as an act of vanity – mainly by frightened executives in publishing houses, who hold up terrible examples of self-published works and say ‘See? This is why we exist” and these words still holds its’ relevance when we take a look at the current publishing industry. The publishing industry which some people have made comparable to paradise seems to be a distant dream for the young authors. God knows! How much creative minds have faced a premature blow to their imagination and vision being the prey of endless rejection letters? As it has been said that people should learn from past but perhaps the traditional publishing industry hasn’t learnt yet and continue to reject the masterpieces as a sacred ritual before they acclaim themselves as a masterpiece. Even their years of pride have been challenged on a continuous basis by a lot of authors, still, the young mind hesitates to follow the path which could make them stand in the crowd of rejection letters.

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Amidst these all fear and confusion Blue Rose Publishers was founded in October 2012 by Syed Arshad, an IIAS (Indian Institute of Aeronautical Science) alumnus to facilitate the young geniuses to showcase their creativity. Instead of travelling the already taken path he preferred Self-Publishing mode in order to cater to the needs of the authors as well as the prospective young minds. Not only the Blue Rose went onto assist the writers in self-publishing but also providing them with a one-stop solution when it comes to moulding their brainchild. Whether it be its various imprints under the name of WordsBrew, Hesten and Wiz Bubbles in order to look after various genre or it is the highly experienced team in order to solve the minute yet meaningful queries and confusions of the newbie authors. Considering the economic aspect of our country, it provided the authors’ various packages at highly competitive rates to ensure that no voice could be left unheard just because of these pieces of paper.

In just a matter of few years, Blue Rose has spread its wing to more than 140 countries and can proudly boast of 8000+ registered authors with more than 800+ projects. The tenacity of Blue Rose to blossom the rose of Self-Publishing industry is quite evident in the endless fan followings which are increasing exponentially with each passing day.