Blue Whale Challenge: A Mystery to Suicides

The mysterious Blue Whale Challenge is being blamed for alleged suicides. Is the Game or something mysterious responsible for these sad events?

Blue Whale Challenge A Mystery to Suicides

Videogames are pure a waste of time, something that our kids can ill-effort. Unfortunately, there is hardly any teenager or kid who would feel reluctant towards the game as not only they are a source of entertainment but also an opportunity to live in a fantasy world. What if the same game that becomes an obsession results in death, how can such a concept of a game be justified? Can such a game which is meant for entertaining the masses be allowed to exist when it becomes a tool of mass mortification? These questions need to be answered with brutal honesty when a lot of teenagers are said to be attempting suicide after the emergence of the most notorious game of all the times – “Blue Whale Challenge”


The Blue Whale Game or Blue Whale Challenge is a game played all over the internet in several countries. A game like all other games demands the levels to be crossed to play further into the game. Alas! It is a psychological game played on the internet and demands 50 tasks to be completed in 50 days which consist of several weird activities. It finally leads to suicide. The weirdness of the game can be just imagined from the fact that in the very first task you need to carve ‘f57’ on your hand with a razor. The tasks goes on becoming horrific day by day as you need to do unusual activities like watching a horror and psychedelic videos early in the morning sent by the curator. These tasks become daunting day by day as the cuts become wider and the videos contaminated with specially crafted music. The tasks which were just limited to drawing a whale on a paper now shifts to the body parts along with standing on the edge of a bridge or inflicting pain to yourself like a Satanic cult. The last of all these activities is of killing yourself! The punishments are crazy and cult like. This is a game that plays with a person’s psychology.

The Surrounding Mystery

With the first alleged suicide of a teenager in Russia there has been news from different countries all over the world. Whether it is the developed countries of Europe or the underdeveloped countries of Africa, there have been reports of the suicide of children due to the participation in Blue Whale Challenge. Even the countries of South America and Asia including India have found themselves alarmed after the increase in reports of suicides among the teenagers. Even though there is no 100% confirmation of such acts being committed due to the Blue Whale Challenge, the testimonials of various parents have given enough evidence to think so. Amidst all these confusions and mysteries there have been two arrests in Russia along with various notices in different countries.

The Whale’s Well

Are we really in a moral panic at the creation of a legally pleaded guilty individual who is not even a university degree holder? Phillipp Budeikin who claims to be the creator of this catastrophe was a psychology student whose purpose was to “To clean the society by pushing to suicide those he deemed as having no value.Now it is worthless to mention that even though he used to be a student of psychology, he is a victim of psychological trauma. Behind this hue-and-cry, let us assume that he is mentally unstable, but hasn’t he manipulated our own psychological shortcomings?

These questions need to be pondered by us as responsible parents or guardians that prompted our kids to take such drastic steps. Children cannot be blamed entirely as with their innocent minds they couldn’t fight off such a psychological trap. Aren’t parents equally responsible for this sort of activity which does not last for 1 day but 50 days in total? A person living miles away from us pushes our child into the well of self-mortification and we are totally unaware of it for 50 days. Awareness and responsibility should be the primary parenting habit.