Body Mechanics – India’s First Automatic Gym

Several new business models are emerging in the Health and Fitness category in India. One such model is Body Mechanics Gym, an automatic and digital gym which takes into factor the latest technology. This is the first of its kind in India.

Body Mechanics – India’s First Automatic Gym

Body  Mechanics also known as BM is India’s first automatic gym. It is opening its second branch in Jankpuri. The gym already has a branch in Anand Vihar. The visionaries behind this idea are Sunny Gambhir, Sanjeet Gulati and Akshay Chopra. Body Mechanics is all about a thorough research-based, scientific approach towards achieving specific and measurable goals for its members. BM is a concept where technology is well versed with fitness so that the fitness enthusiast can benefited by it. The aim of BM was to clear the myths and misconceptions in the field of fitness and nutrition from the minds of clients and coaches alike and build trust as the base for the entire model. Body Mechanics is therefore a firm believer of an ethical approach towards giving an effective and “pure” fitness experience to their members. BM not only uses high tech equipment’s but they also use equipment’s that would increase the strength of their members. This includes unconventional object training like heavy ropes, sandbags, chains, tires, slam and medicine balls, suspension training, loaded carries, agility ladder and cones, stepper workouts and a lot more along with the use of traditional strength training and cardio equipment.

BM has created a revolution of sorts in the fitness market by evolving trends and concepts never used or seen before:

  • First ever touch screen Individualized automated workout system or BM AWS system for the clients and coaches to reduce errors, increase productivity and reduce client-coach interaction time
  • Inculcation of regular unique boot camp sessions for group classes
  • Inculcation of Animal Movements
  • First virtual gaming concept for cycling/spinning

BM also plans to have its own supplement brand, PRIMAL NUTRITION(PN) , keeping in mind the absolute authenticity and result oriented goals of the clients. PN will include supplements which are designed for the optimal health and performance of individuals of every age group, without the addition of any stimulants or banned substances. Body mechanics has led to the formation of “THE 2AM GANG” which is the first of its kind concept wherein the members of the gang workout using unconventional methods and tools at timings like 2am. This helps encourage people to come out of their comfort zones and make them understand that a workout can be done at any time.

Body mechanics dedicate themselves fully to their clients, which is why the trainers in BM have to go under process before being selected as trainers of BM. The trainer should have basic technology knowledge and should be a great communicator. The owner of the gym specially educates and trains the trainer in order to make sure the abilities and skills match up to BM’s standards.

Body mechanics is also planning to have a BM BOOTCAMP REVOLTION. This will be biggest boot camp event in the country which trains using the same toughness and brutality of real military style training and also has the fun component of dance in one session.

Akshay Chopra (OWNER OF BM) said ‘Our effort is to clear our members’ minds of all the clutter and confusion, while offering them an end-to-end, result oriented fitness experience. Complete with a great workout, improved healthy lifestyle and diet-control under one roof.’

Body Mechanics also launched the BM Human Design School which provides the most extensive and unconventional courses in the fields of fitness and nutrition to coaches and trainers. This can be used for coaches to multiply their income, increase their knowledge and overall climb in the ladder of professional success. These courses are based on extensive research and among the first of its kind structure.

Body mechanics believes in results without fuss. BM believes in achieving fitness goals without getting overwhelmed by the clutter of information.