Budding Author Nitish Raj Decipher the Disgrace of the Stern Society in his upcoming book I Had Also Loved Someone

I Had Also Loved Someone releasing in January 2018 is a tale of profound love and wrath of revenge centrally focused on one of the most heinous crime of our society. Nitish Raj’s first book tried to decipher the authenticity and piousness of this so called love.


BecomeShakespeare.com is releasing a masterpiece on one of the most heinous crime in the history of humanity revolving around college romance- “I Had Also Loved Someone” by Nitish Raj, the budding and first time author. The most sought-after three magical words “I Love You” which we have all been aware of at any point of time of our life seems losing its’ charm and magic. Love which used to be a pious virtue seems to be transforming into lust which is not only liable for shattering our hearts but also giving birth to such immoral acts which perhaps would not be even forgiven in the courts of the Almighty.

The author wonders that “Who will dare to love after being gang-raped by her own prince-charming with his salacious impostors?” I Had Also Loved Someone is a tale of profound love and wrath of revenge where the atrocities on women are forced to bury in the deepest grave of this stern society.

Nitish Raj
Nitish Raj

Describing how the idea came to his mind, Nitish Raj said, “One need just to have a human sensibility to heed attention to such malfeasance.”

What an object this love is even? Considered a virtue which has today transformed itself into vice. The pretence of love which a teenager mind is not able to decipher puts them into a dungeon of something which they wouldn’t have dreamt even in their dreams.

The masterpiece “I Had Also Loved Someone” brings out the reality of Judas Kiss. It gives us a glimpse of the labyrinth of love which seems just a straight path in our life. This so-called love compels the protagonist to put his whole life at stake for someone whom she had considered her beloved at one point of time in her life.

About The Book

The love which had been described as a pious virtue is really something different than a virtue otherwise Niharika Ahuja who was famous as the Ragging Queen and the Silent Beauty of her college would have never been bestowed as a Silent Sex Slave, Characterless Whore, Modern Draupadi and a lot more by the so called cultured people of our society. Thanks to her tormentors who make her way to the mental asylum almost twice which not only make her totally alone but also pave the way for their own destruction with the unconditional help of her only friend; Jasmine Backefield.

The tenacity of Niharika to save her love to be labeled as Judas Kiss even after being completely shattered compels everyone to think a million times in the courtroom when she raises some serious questions on the authenticity and piousness of this so called love.

About The Author

 A voracious reader, keen observer, feminist culminated together defines Nitish Raj. Based in New Delhi he basically belongs from Bihar. He remained quite a bright student throughout his academic career before dropping his MBA in order to satiate his hunger for writing. Not only he is passionate about writing fiction but also loves to write  opinion-editorials and non-fiction articles on social issues related to women empowerment, gender equality, caste system and social transformation. A firm believer in the serenity of the solemn virtue, he is keen about writing the dark truth of the society which have been sidelined in our quest of happy endings.

This is his first published novel.