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HCL and IBM have an ongoing Intellectual Property Partnership for five of these products, says the press statement
Venus Concept, a leading organization which have been providing global services in almost 60 countries from many years since its inception. Not only with its’ global presence but through its innovative ideas and a dedicated customer support service it...
According to an estimate, somewhere around 8.5 million Indian works in Arab world generating a huge amount of remittances for India. As stated by a report, India ranks first in the list of most remittance receiver, bringing around $69 billion in 2017.
Three months long Kumbh Mela is closing to its end which will be remembered for better management, sanitation, business and tourism industry. But the darker side of this mega festival of pilgrims is that it has broken the back of...
Women in India are seen to take over in every field, with Narendra Modi encouraging women for all aspects. The new SEBI directive of having one woman director has led to the steady rise. Last year there was a...
The three companies begin with the letter A and have proven that the first letter in the alphabet will always be the first. Apple’s  iTrillion Apple has modernized modern day mobile phones, laptops and tablets. The iPhone X is the latest...
Congress Chief Rahul Gandhi on Tuesday urged Urjit Patel, the Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, to stand up to Narendra Modi to ‘protect the nation.’
SC expressing shock said "That is fantastic. A former cabinet minister is not traceable. Fantastic. How could it happen that a former cabinet minister is not traceable and nobody knows where she is?”
More importance is given to start-ups because it is an ‘economic booster’. For J&K, the growth of new start-ups would be nurtured through “establishment of at least 10 new state-of-the-art incubators, innovation labs and fabrication labs across all three regions of the state including the private sector.”
Prof. Lalitha Kumari Popuri; popularly known by her pen name Volga is one of the most significant figures in Telugu Literature today. She introduced a feminist perspective into the literary political discourse of Andhra Pradesh. Her novel Svechcha marks a...
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