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Poonam Kaur

Poonam Kaur: The Underrated South Queen

With the epic success of Bahubali we started to take notice of the grandeur of Tollywood which was already an epitome of its’ astounding...
Big Surprises of IPL 2018

Big Surprises of IPL 2018

At the time when IPL have been synonymous to a festive procession which is comparable to the giants football and baseball clubs of Europe...
The Rejected Intellectual Bestsellers

The Rejected Bestsellers

Even though today we consider them a literary genius or an intellectual par our imagination, their works have to kiss the dust numerous times....
Authors! You won’t Believe they are so damn Hot….

8 Beautiful Authors You should Know

We have grown up with a perception of authors being very prosaic alongwith the absence of a perfect dressing sense. Shabby hairs and ill-maintained...
Bollywood Celebrities who are Younger than their Wives

Bollywood Celebrities who are Younger than their Wives

Indeed! Love is something more than an emotion which can’t be regulated by pre-defined standards of the society. The norms which are quite ideal...
If you are disappointed in love…Fall in love again says the bestselling author Manish Kumar

“If You are Disappointed in Love…Fall in Love again,” Says the Bestselling Author Manish...

An IT-guy living in Bengaluru, Manish Kumar has been working with IBM for the past five years. Keen about writing true stories inspired from one’s own life, he...
Sunny Leone: Stereotype Sidelined

Sunny Leone: Stereotype Sidelined

Few years back, if anyone have even mentioned the possibility of a pornstar being the leading lady of Bollywood; more than enough eyebrows would...
Beware of the this Highest Risk for your children

Beware of this Highest Risk for your Children!

Children playing with electronic devices are not only being harmful to their waistline, but also to their eyesight. Although, this subject has not seen many...
Poonam Pandey The Controversial Diva

Poonam Pandey: The Controversial Diva

“Hum To Fana Ho Gaye Unki Aankhe Dekhkar Ghalib! Na Jane Wo Aaina Kaise Dekhte Honge!!” These lines which would have been written in the praise...
“Tiger Zinda Hai”:- Ready to surpass ₹ 200 Cr

“Tiger Zinda Hai”:- Ready to surpass ₹ 200 Cr

Every time a movie is released after passing the security check of the sensor board, it once have to pass the barricade of the...
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