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Hungry Bengal to Hungry India: A failure

The famines and mass starvation that were prevalent in the British Raj, are here to haunt a technologically and nuclear sustainable state. The International...
Bollywood Celebrities who are Younger than their Wives

Bollywood Celebrities who are Younger than their Wives

Indeed! Love is something more than an emotion which can’t be regulated by pre-defined standards of the society. The norms which are quite ideal...

In Morocco difference is a strength

Morocco's belief in the strength of pluralism has energized me and shown me that difference can serve as a strength for any country, whether it is religious or secular, large or small, developed or developing.
Why China is Ahead of India in Major Sports?

Why is China Ahead of India in Major Sports?

Since Pandit Nehru’s time, the slogan “Hindi Chinni Bhai Bhai” became very famous! Indeed! It is worth applause as these two modern giants are...
Dr. Joy Shah

Cosmetic surgeries and Medical aesthetic treatments are treated by govt. as Luxury whereas reality...

Venus Concept, a leading organization which have been providing global services in almost 60 countries from many years since its inception. Not only with...
The Rejected Intellectual Bestsellers

The Rejected Bestsellers

Even though today we consider them a literary genius or an intellectual par our imagination, their works have to kiss the dust numerous times....
IPL Auction 2018: Big Shots & Flops on Day 1

IPL Auction 2018: Big Shots & Flops on Day 1

IPL (Indian Premier League), one of the biggest events of the cricketing world is notorious for its unexpected astonishment when it comes to auction....
Remembering The White Tiger

Remembering The White Tiger

Who could ever forget the character of Balram Halwai which shook the whole literary world through his flawless arguments once he sat to rewind...
Travel free soon in Estonia

Travel free soon in Estonia

It feels like the free open travel designs are coming like transports: You sit tight ages for one, at that point a few come...
How to Stop Fake News

How to Stop Fake News?

A campaign has been carried out in helping improving the news literacy among the citizens of United States. The fundamental question in that campaign...
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