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Daisy Jopling’s “Awakening” Concert Comes to Alice Tully Hall

Daisy Jopling’s “Awakening” Concert Comes to Alice Tully Hall

New York, NY – August 22, 2017 — This August 27, the celebrated violinist Daisy Jopling will stage a connective, educational and entertaining performance at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center, at once accomplishing all...
Bollywood as Brand Ambassador to India's Rise as Soft Power

Bollywood as Brand Ambassador to India’s Rise as Soft Power

Bollywood is one of the most influential movie industries in the world, which eclipse even the dazzle filled Hollywood. This industry is expected to grow 11 percent between FY 2016 to FY 2017. The...
SARKAR 3 A Treatise On Modern Politics

SARKAR 3: A Treatise On Modern Politics

Introduction Bollywood even after carrying a lot of aura and charisma around its’ vicinity have been a subject of criticism. If there are people who are die-hard fans of Bollywood, then there are people who put...
Love, Live and Move On, Well, Not Always!

Love, Live and Move On, Well, Not Always!

Love is something we don't learn in classrooms. Whether a person is educated or illiterate, rich or poor, religious or atheist, he/she feels the same intensity of love for his/her partner. It wouldn’t be...
Love Marriage Vs Arrange Marriage

Love Marriage Versus Arrange Marriage

If ever something eternal have come out of our tradition which have stood firm with the test of time, it is marriage. A bond which is supposed to be more firm than any bond...
Fifty Shades From Grey to Darker

Fifty Shades: From Grey to Darker

Introduction It was not less than a miracle to be one of the bestsellers for a literary master-piece. This book has been subject to controversy and criticism. Amidst all these, the sales of ‘Fifty Shades series’ exceeded...
Justin Bieber Success to Sarcasm

Justin Bieber: Success to Sarcasm

Someone has rightly said, “Age is just a number” but when once numbers starts to signify success, how far can one refrain himself? A teen hailing from a different country achieved stardom at the age when...
Movie Review- Bahubali- Deference to the Different

Bahubali: Deference to the Different

Introduction Gone are the days when language tend to be a barrier in the exchange of culture and habits of distant lands even though we exaggerate these exchanges often. Being a resident of the modern...
P.Ṣ. I Love You - Marriage To Maturity

P.Ṣ. I Love You: Marriage To Maturity

Introduction It is fascinating to see one of your favorite books have been transformed into a movie. Your mind juggles around the the thought whether the content of the book has been justified or literature...
Dangal - Featuring A Feat

Dangal: Featuring A Feat

Introduction Gone are those days when sports were an object of ruining our children as we were infected with the notion of “Padhoge, likhoge banoge nawab! Kheloge, kudoge hoge kharab”. I don’t know how people...
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