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Planning To Travel From Delhi to Noida? You Might Have To...

This move by the government has been welcomed by many organizations and individuals as it would help in keeping a check on the spread...

Abu Dhabi to open the tourism soon, shows signs of progress

Abu Dhabi (DCT Abu Dhabi) today revealed signs of progress within the tourism sector as the emirate prepares to gradually open up to international...

সত্যি পরিস্থিতিকে হারাতে সবার আগে দিনমজুর; আমরা যেযার গৃহে, একটি হৃদয়ে...

আনন্দদায়ক, সুখী বা ইতিবাচক পাঠ নয়। আপনারা অনেকে এটি পড়তে সত্যিই অস্বস্তি বোধ করবেন। দরিদ্রতমদের সাথে দেশে কী চলছে তা বোঝা খুব কঠিন নয় তবে...

COVID 19 Cases Are Just Tip of the Iceberg

"Have always suspected that the numbers we see are just the tip of the iceberg. The real numbers are much higher": Dr Arvind Kumar,...

Extensive Analysis of the Global Niche Tourism Industry

In a globalizing world of increasing sameness, niche tourism represents diversity and ways of marking difference. The concept of ‘niche tourism’ or focused tourism emerges in recent years as turning point to attract mass tourists. It implies more sophisticated set of practices that distinguish and differentiate tourists. Niche tourism, through image creation, helps destinations to differentiate their tourism products and compete in an increasingly competitive and cluttered tourism environment.

Traveling obsession of the millennials of UAE: exploring the reasons behind...

Millennials around the world have become ardent travel rookies as they are obsessed to see new places, cultures, and meeting new people. However, the millennials of the UAE might be one of the most exciting ones when it comes to traveling. It might be due to their monotonous lifestyle in their homeland and due to many other reasons as well. In this article, we have tried to explore the reasons behind it by speaking with the millennials of the UAE.

Unleashing Successful and Robust Tourism Sector Growth through Secured Governance

Tourism is one of the fastest-growing sectors of the Indian economy. Therefore, there is a need to formulate an appropriate policy for skill acquisition and development in the sector for accelerating the sectoral growth in the Tourism sector. This article highlights the potential of the tourism sector and the need for skill development in the sector.

In Morocco difference is a strength

Morocco's belief in the strength of pluralism has energized me and shown me that difference can serve as a strength for any country, whether it is religious or secular, large or small, developed or developing.

Arunachal stresses on audio-visual documentation of cultural heritage of Mishmi tribes

Heller, researcher from Hydelberg, Germany, had already documented the traditional healing systems of other tribes such as Miju Mishmi, Digaro Mishmi, Monpa and Galo tribes of Arunachal Pradesh, the release said.

Jamia takes giant step towards rural tourism; successfully hosts international conference

The three-day international conference on ‘Rurality, Ruralism, and Rural Tourism: Challenges and Coping Strategies’, organised by the Department of Tourism & Hospitality Management, Jamia...
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