Why is China Ahead of India in Major Sports?

India is a country of a billion plus, slightly behind China. But we stand nowhere when it comes to medal tallies in international games. The Policy Times tried to explore the real reasons why and where China is ahead of us, where is India going wrong and China is going right!

Why China is Ahead of India in Major Sports?

Since Pandit Nehru’s time, the slogan “Hindi Chinni Bhai Bhai” became very famous! Indeed! It is worth applause as these two modern giants are quite similar in many respects. Both of these countries are not only blessed with their enriched history but also played a major role in shaping the world’s history and economy. It’s quite incredible to see them rising as next superpowers with massive economic, military and diplomatic influence.

These have also made them contenders. China is ahead of India in most of the traditional parameters. One of the areas which has now become synonymous to world prestige is sports. No one can deny the importance of sports on international level but the million dollar question is why is India lagging behind behind China?

If we see the medal tally of last three years, while China has been consistently touching three figures, we have been barely touching two digits. Even with that, Indians feel a prick in the heart as we get an instantaneous overflow of emotions full of patriotism and prestige. While there is nothing wrong in that but another side of the story is we stand nowhere when it comes to medal tally with other countries.

Reasons are not quite unknown. This country has already been infected with widespread corruption. Bureaucrats and politicians have made this country miserable. How can anyone dare to compete even at international without a proper diet and nourishment? Really! It seems ironic when there are a lot of favouritism in selection panel not only at the players’ level but even at the coaching staff selection and we expect our players to be well-trained.

Perhaps India is the only prominent country whose players are found in newspapers struggling to meet their both ends as they didn’t got the required recognition and financial support from government. It seems unfair to expect medals in a country where there can be riots if any lousy politician do not get Z class security but there will not be a single voice when our players will not get  A class training and facility.

Common Mass: Not Less Than A Culprit

Have we ever look into our own mindset where we are obsessed with playing a safe game rather than heeding attention to games? We want our children to be doctors, engineers, CAs, MBA graduates but have we tried to them in sports? Cricket is a religion of India. Reason being it carries a hell lot of money and recognition with itself. There is a need to reconsider whether we are interested in minting money or want our child to pursue sports for national prestige?

The Need of the Time

The time has come to raise ourselves over blame game and to volunteer ourselves into the development of sports. Government is a supporting mechanism. Turning passion to professionalism needs support from parents, society and governments. Government has to create awareness among common masses regarding sports. People sitting at important positions should pay attention.