China Aims to be Global Innovation Hub

China is not only investing in technology, it is acquiring best talents from the world. China has developed a roadmap to replace US to be the global innovation hub. Considering the past record, only China can replace US. What India be worried?


China has started competing USA on innovation and for that they need talent from around the world. China’s quest for superpower has been advanced by a notch or two with their decision to attract, what they call “high-end talent” from the across the world. They have offered long stay visas which they claim will be processed quickly to the highly talented individuals who must be specialists as top business people and the scientists living and working in China.

On last Tuesday, the roll out began with the Beijing bureau of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs that issues Certificate for Foreign High-end Talent, for the first time in the country, reported state-run Xinhua.

The certificate is required for applying one of the new five- or 10-year multiple-entry visas. The report said the visas took as little as one day to process, were free and were valid for stays of 180 days.

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However, China has sky high expectations. According to government guidelines, high-end foreigners also refer to, among others, Nobel Prize winners, chief or deputy editors in Chinese state media, foreign coaches and players in national and provincial sports teams, postdoctoral students from world-class universities outside China, and foreigners who earn at least six times the average annual wage in China.

Despite such high criteria China has set for the immigrants, the question remains why individuals of such highly credible Bio-data would want work in China. Is their pay more than what they would get in USA or some other western powers? What future does it hold for them after completing 10 years in China? Moreover, language problem, work environment and the pedigree of the nation, too, have to be accounted for. If China expects that highly talented people will flock into their country ignoring United States, it would be a gross mistake. China has not yet reached the level that they can beat United States in innovation and attracting cream of the world talent.

For India, they have nothing to worry about. Indian establishment knows that China distantly ahead of us in almost every sphere of development (with the exception of democracy). It will not make any difference to Indian academia, sports, business and the likes. In all probability, neither will it make any difference to United States or other world powers in the foreseeable future.