China: Leading in Nuclear Fusion Technologies

Electricity has been a huge consumption of the environment and its natural resources. Scientists all over the world are trying their best to solve a remedy to the underlying electricity issues. Chinese scientists are now working hard on experimenting Nuclear Fusion which will make them jump ahead of the other country counterparts.

China: Leading in Nuclear Fusion Technologies
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The holy grail of energy which is known as Nuclear Fusion will be led by China, with the scientists cracking their brains over it.

Fusion reactions fuse two lighter atomic nuclei to form heavier nucleus thus, releasing energy. Fusion generates power by using fusion reactions to produce heat for electricity generation.

It is not very easy, but this limitless energy with a very little waste will be very important in the future when non-renewable energy is completely used up and non-renewable energy cannot provide enough electricity.

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These experiments are being carried out in Eastern China’s, Anhui Province, where large gleaming metal doughnuts are enclosed in enormous round boxes which are as big as a two-story apartment.

Two hydrogen atoms are fused together to form one helium atom. This process generates heat, which is more than the temperature of the suns core. No country has succeeded in mastering nuclear fusion, not even United States, European Union or Japan.

Last year it was reported that a group of 122 scientists has gathered to create the world’s largest nuclear fusion plant in Sabarmati in Gandhinagar. In this project, they were using a device called Tokamak which uses a magnetic field to confine the plasma in the shape of a torus.

There are arguments over the safety of nuclear fusion.

Deputy Director of the Chinese project, Song Yuntao said –

“A fusion reactor is quite safe compared with a fission reactor. Magnetic confinement is controllable fusion. I can shut down the power supply and it’s perfectly safe. There won’t be any nuclear disaster.”

Currently, nuclear power is used by the process of fission which is splitting the atoms leading to toxic waste. Hence, this method is more dangerous: the fusion power plant would be more helpful in combating the electricity issues at the same time it doesn’t damage the environment.

With all great technologies, it comes at a price. The Chinese claim that it costs $15,000 a day to just switch the machine on with the extra costs of employees pay.