China’s Literacy Rate is 25% Higher than India: PIG Research

In the years of 2000 and 2010, China had a literacy rate of 95.14% and 97.48% respectively. According to population Census, India's literacy rate was 72.04% while the same in 2001 was just 64.84%.

China’s Literacy Rate is 23% Higher than India PIG Research

Education makes human a national resource. Education is a key instrument of development for any community, society or nation. It’s a sociological process that involves continuous growth and progress of the system. Without education, the human being will dig down their path to the same stone age.

In India, education has its long-lasting history. From the time when Indians invented the number zero to the time when we produce the best executives to run MNCs and claim global awards for their intelligence.

Education in India comes under concurrent list. Initially, education was a subject under State List, but after the 42nd Amendment Act of 1976, it was transferred to Concurrent list. With a massive population of 1.25 billion, India is a host of 315 million students. India has a literacy rate of 72.04%. Literacy rates among men and women are 82.14% and 65.46% respectively, according to Census 2011. The percentage gap between male and female literacy rate is 16.68%. After China and Myanmar, India has the 3rd largest literacy rate when it is compared to the bordering neighbors.

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Whereas in 2001, the literacy rate of India was 64.84%. The male and female literacy rate was pegged at 75.26% and 53.67% respectively. When compared to 2001 data, the overall literacy rate had increased by JUST 7.27% in 2011. Also, the male and female literacy rate has been increased by 6.88% and 11.79% respectively. The data suggests that there has been a significant decrease in the percentage gender gap in the year 2011 as compared to 2001 census. In 2001, the percentage gap between the male and female literacy rate was a whopping 21.50%.


In the years 2000 and 2010, China had a literacy rate of 90.92% and 95.12% respectively. Male literacy was pegged to 95.14% in the year 2000 whereas, in 2010, it went up to 97.48%. While in 2000, the female literacy rate was 86.53%, it jumped to 92.71% in 2010.

The difference between literacy rate of India(2011) and China(2010) is more than 25.44%. India and China are the world’s most populated countries assuming they face similar problems in dealing with major social and economic challenges. Our research proved that in terms of literacy rates, China is leading the race at a huge margin.

POLICY INTELLIGENCE GROUP (PIG) is a Research Wing of The Policy Times, India’s First Digital TV on Public Policy and International affair issues. PIG has undertaken it’s first comprehensive research project on improvement in Indian education over the last four years under the NDA Government. The research aims to analyse and assess policy interventions and achievements of the current governments in power both at Centre and in States. The research will also highlight major policy failures and outline necessary policy recommendations.


The Study is being undertaken by a group of Researchers including Farogh Altamash, Mohammad Javed and Anas Ansari under the guidance of Akram Hoque, Founding Editor, The Policy Times.