Chinese are Dominating in Space Industry

It’s a great sign when a person especially an astronaut of a different country learns to speak your language. This is exactly what is happening in the case of Chinese. Astronauts from Europe are learning Chinese.

Chinese are Dominating in Space Industry

Some of the European astronauts from German European Space Agency had a lot to compliment China and the Chinese about their astronauts signed up for sea survival training.

“It was so nice and relaxed. I was floating there in the life raft, looking up at the sky – I only needed some music, and it would have given me a real Hawaii holiday feeling”, the European astronaut said.

A two-week space drill took place near a coastal city called Yantai. They lived and practised with other Chinese astronauts.

“We trained together, stayed in the same building as the Chinese astronauts, shared the same food, and it was quite an intense experience. It felt like being part of a family – it was completely different to being in Houston, where I rent an apartment and see my colleagues only during a two or three-hour training session”, said an astronaut from Europe.

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The Chinese have created a friendly way of training with the whole team practising, getting together and even seen to take vacations.

“The Chinese astronauts even spend their vacations together, they know each other perfectly well so they’re like brothers and sisters. When we lived there we felt so warm-heartedly accepted into their family”, the European astronaut continued.

China’s spacecraft such as the Shenzhou is a delight to astronauts with its technology and 21st-century design. It first carried an astronaut into space in 2003, and since then the Chinese have not looked back.

The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO)is aiming for its best, however, is not up to date with the latest technologies. India made a mark with the cheapest space mission to Mars. The Mangalyaan satellite was confirmed in 2014 and only cost 4.5 billion Indian Rupees which is dirt cheap according to Western standards.

However, India has done not much in the space scene with China overtaking them with mass technological adoption.

There are future plans by ISRO for the development of a reusable launch vehicle, human spaceflight, controlled soft lunar landing and a solar spacecraft mission, so India has not given up yet!