Chinese Army Modernisation Should Scare India

Chinese President Xi Jinping has ordered for intensifying research for digitised warfare. Xi Jinping wants the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) to use the best of technology, so that they are the most efficient and deadliest armies in the world.

Chinese Army Modernisation Should Scare India
Chinese Army Modernisation Should Scare India

With technology taking upper hand, every government wants the best of it for their armies and securities. It is not just about defending the country, but also a sense of pride. The advantages in combat will give a sense of victory even before any threat arises.

Xi Jinping has also paid attention to trainings needing to be scheduled for enabling the military to use the new technology. An officer of the ground force division, which Xi was inspecting clarified that training is being done at a maximum efficiency output level.

We will focus our training on command system application, military strategy, combat fitness and techniques, with goals to improve our overall combat capability based on network information technologies and digitised systems, the officer named  Zhu Tingchao said.

In the Northern province of Hebei, China Xi told 7,000 heavily armed officers not to fear death and hardship. This was broadcast to 4,000 other military bases across the country.

“The armed forces should conduct training in fine work style, innovate method and improve support to training, tighten up supervision and hold events of mass training for the soldiers,“  Xi said.

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Xi Jingpin is strengthening his position of being the leader in all military affairs in China. Given the problems in the region of rising tensions between North Korea and USA the Chinese are keeping matters under control in their country.

In October 2017, Xi Jingping said that his party Communist Party of China (CPC) will transform the army to a world class military. He has stressed on the importance and creation of modern combat systems with distinctive Chinese characteristics.