Communism becoming vulnerable in China

Xi Jinping has officially started his second term as president of the People’s Republic of China. However, his party the Chinese Communist Party along with his power cannot overlook the vulnerabilities accompanied with a change.

Communism becoming vulnerable in China
Communism becoming vulnerable in China

Today, despite all the accumulation of power, Xi and the CPC are far more vulnerable than is apparent. This is mainly due to the number of changes that they have brought forward so that their power is the strongest throughout the country.

The Xi Jinping Thought is being included in the country’s constitution so that no other party or leader can stand a chance. However, this brand of authoritarianism is far more vulnerable than it is supposed to be.

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Xi Jinping has been trying to centralize power ever since he took the seat of presidency in 2012, with major politics being played and policy-making that changed China’s thinking.

It might be unfair to suggest that Xi Jinping may not do a good job if handed over authoritarian rule. However, as per history dominance tends to increase as exercising of power gets revealed.  It also will put in a detrimental effect on Jinping when a policy change fails, as he will be the only one to blame.

Therefore the tradeoff between personal liability and achievement of social, economic, foreign policy and security measures are now proportionally linked to Jinping.

China is seen to grow rapidly, which comes at a cost of higher pollution due to increasing industries, credit risks as more small and medium companies arise and inequality between the very rich and poor people. Therefore the policy level challenges faced by Jinping is rising by the day.

China being so spread out, it’s not practical for authoritarian rule. This thus gave rise to the National Supervision Commission (NSC) which watches over provinces far away. However, there is still falsified data and information collected. This further gives rise to another watchdog.

The situation of controlling the country can become a major issue if steps are not taken. It is like sliding through a slippery dark slope which is too dark to witness the future.