The Complete Guide to The Railway budget 2018

Improving infrastructure was one of the main focus in the Union Budget addressed on 1st February 2018. Arun Jaitley announced the many policies that will change the railway sector this year with a strong focus on safety and modernization.

The Complete Guide to The Railway budget 2018

Last year the once separate railway budget was merged with the union budget. This year there were key highlights on the railway which tends to be one of the most important talking points and savings for people travelling in the vast nation of India.

A proposed Rs 1,48,528 crore has been decided for Indian railways in this year’s budget. This is the highest ever railway budget decided in India. Below are pros and cons to the major implementations decided-

  • Railways having more than 25,000 footfall to have escalators

Pro- Faster movement

Con- Electricity Costs will increase

  • Unmanned Railway Crossings to be eliminated in next two years

Pro- Will reduce death in crossings

Con- Proper safety procedures should be followed

  • All trains and railway stations will have WIFI

Pro- An improvement to digital India and the growing usage of internet amongst Indians

Con – NONE

  • All trains and railway stations will have CCTVs

Pro- Safety and maintenance of tracks will improve

Con- The people watching the CCTV footage should be well alert, which according to past data has not been as effective

  • Increase in fog safety devices

Pro- Reduction of foggy condition accidents and less delays in train departures if weather conditions are bad

Con- The best foggy condition devices should be installed, or it will be a waste of capital

  • Redevelopment of 600 major railway station

Pro- It will help put India’s transport system amongst world class railways.

Con- Redevelopment has to be properly defined, as it can include certain specification in one railway station and differ in another

Taking into consdiertation the impact of gas emissions from trains, electric locomotives have been discussed too. This is a decision that wll eventually shift diesel locomotives to electric locomotives

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The railway networks of Mumbai and Bangalore will be further developed, with the bullet train too being implemented. There will be a proper institute in Vadodara which will train the inspectors and men working for the bullet train in India.  This shows that India has learnt from the Goa-Mumbai Train which was supposed to be a luxuripous train which eventually became a major flop.

With such developments in the railway field for Budget 2018, it shows progressiveness for India. As well as the potential of reducing horrifying train accidents which accounted to 35 last year with more than 50 killings.