Covid 19 Vaccine Update; Frontline Workers, Healthcare Professionals, Senior Citizens, and Special Category People to Receive First


The covid 19 outbreak caused havoc in the entire world and not only in India. People suffered hugely in terms of everything. Our lives, our near ones, our money, our survival, all were in a toss for the last 7-8 months as the world fought against this unknown virus. But now, as the lockdown has subsided a little and the impact of the corona has also slowed down, people are being optimistic about the future. As a sigh of relief, recently Bharat biotech announced that they are planning to launch the covid 19 vaccine in February 2021. But how would be its delivery procedure?

As phase 3 trial of covaxin begins, India is hopeful to fight corona in 2021

More than 100 vaccines of covid 19 are being tested across the globe. In India, the covaxin vaccine is under phase 3 trials. Almost 800 volunteers took part in phase 1 and phase 2 trials of the vaccine in cities like Hyderabad, Delhi, Lucknow, etc. In the 3rd phase, almost 26000 participants are expected to take part. It is going to take place across 25 centers in the country. AMU vice chancellor has also participated in the trial.

The vaccine implementation plans by Centre

If the trials become successful, then Bharat biotech plans to launch covaxin in February 2021. But the availability of the vaccine would not be for all. The Centre has decided that in the first round, only 30 crore people will get the benefit of the vaccine, that too free of cost. They have categorized these 30 crores people into 4 priority groups

  • One crore special category people
  • One crore healthcare professionals
  • Two crores frontline workers
  • 26 crores people who are aged over 50

These people are set to receive the first round of the covaxin at free of cost. Special task forces are being set up by the government to take care of the vaccine program. The beneficiaries are to be tracked through the aadhar card. If one does not have the same, other government id proof can also be used.

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Hopes are high

After the successful 2 phases of the trial, and the onset of the third phase of the trial of the covaxin, people are hopeful that there might be an end to the pandemic sooner. The kind of impact that covid has created across the world is very frustrating. With the invention of this vaccine, hopes are high that people would be relieved of the fear.

The PolicyTimes suggestion

  • It is indeed a good move by the government to provide the vaccine to these 30 crore people at no cost. But that money must not be added to the common people’s vaccine cost. The common people must also get the vaccine at a comparatively low cost, if not for free at all.
  • The impact of corona is immense, the benefit of the vaccine is not yet known. But if the vaccine brings any change to the situation, then the government must ensure more productions of the vaccine are made so that the nation does not have to suffer more due to the pandemic.

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