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“Education as the most powerful tool to change the conditions of the society” is the vision of Crescent Academy located in a remote district of Murshidabad , West Bengal . It is an Elementary School for underprivileged and orphan students which focuses on eLearning, child friendly environment and inspire & empower them to learn rather than bunch Homework. Infusing more graphical, visuals representation and hands on projects than memorization on the fundamental learning. It Connects and cares between the students and teachers. The school renders the elementary education for free . In a residential school system, they provide guardianship far off from a traditional school where students from all layer of the society come and stay and get equal opportunity to grow. This enabled with providing quality education and Indian values and moral responsibilities. Merit is given the high priority for admission so that no Rural talent is lost. The vision is to take the education as the most powerful tool to change the condition of the society, inclusive, and accessible to all. our aim is to provide quality education up to 12th grades students and prepare them so that they can access the best and free government college educations (IIT, IISER, IIM, medical and engineering college).


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