Criminal Cases filled with MPs and MLAs Awaiting Trials

There are more than 1,700 sitting MPs and MLAs waiting to face trials in 3,045 cases across the country. If you were thinking that politicians should be examples to the public in the company, you all are wrong. They are proving their notorious ways and encouraging youngsters to follow their footsteps.

Criminal Cases filled with MPs and MLAs Awaiting Trials
Criminal Cases filled with MPs and MLAs Awaiting Trials

The city with the highest number of Criminal Minded Legislators awaiting trials is Uttar Pradesh, followed by Tamil Nadu, Bihar, and West Bengal.

Only 125 cases have been decided within one year, and so the court’s slow system is paving way for legislators to delay the punishments for their crimes. 539 cases remain in Uttar Pradesh, 373 in Kerala, and States like Tamil Nadu, Bihar, and West Bengal have more than 300 criminal cases against legislators.

Special courts have been asked to be set up to speed up the process, however, it is still pending. One in Delhi to handle against 228 MPs and the other 10 courts in 10 states of – Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Karnataka, Kerala, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, UP and West Bengal, where the number of each MLAs facing trials are more than 65.

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In terms of percentages, the total is a shocking 36% of parliamentarians and state assembly members facing criminal trials.

With parliamentarians shocking India’s general public with court cases, there is another major issue. Many MLA’s are in the ‘crorepati’ status. In Nagaland, for example, 75% of MLA’s are crorepatis which means 45 out of the 60 MLAs have wealth worth over 1 crore.
It is very obvious that corruption has got them elected, keeps them elected and will help them stay in power for the years to come. 20 MLAs in Nagaland, for example, are said to have educational qualifications between 8th pass and 12th pass, 39 MLAs have shown the graduate level of education while one MLA is completely illiterate. That means most of the MLA’s don’t know the history of the country neither do they know the laws governing the country.

A politician is known to serve people, in this case, it seems like the politician prospers and bends the laws for himself and his family.