Dalits’ Protest Vindicates the Caste Rift in UP!

Saharanpur incident marks the beginning of the upper castes in UP going over the top against the Dalits with passive support of the government

Dalits’ Protest Vindicates the Caste Rift in UP!

Around 5,000 dalits from Saharanpur, Uttar Pradesh assembled at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi to protest against the violence committed against them by the Thakurs (belonging to the upper caste segment) when they were denied to participate the birth anniversary of Rajput king, Maharana Pratap. If their claims are true, it vindicates the ugly truth of casteism that still pervades the country.

The dalit brigade, called the Bhim Army was denied permission to hold rally at Jantar Mantar by Delhi police. Although, Delhi is ruled by AAP, the city’s police are controlled by the central government. The suspicion can be raised immediately that because both central government and Uttar Pradesh are ruled by BJP, they may have tried to hush the incident as it may be seen by the public as a failure of UP government. In any case, the dailts defied the police and gathered with blue flags at Jantar Mantar that led to the media attention to the incident. When the police were asked regarding the reason for their denial to allow the Bhim Army to assemble at Jantar Mantar, their reply was that they anticipated 50,000 protestors. The dalits have a set of demands that they placed on the UP government. The Yogi administration was also accused of not taking any steps against the perpetrators of the crime after the complaints were lodged.

BJP’s traditional vote bank had been the upper caste Hindus.  This Saharanpur incident reflects the biases of the government towards the upper castes. It cannot be ascertained with evidences available, whether the perpetrators were BJP activists or not. Even if they were not BJP activities, it is a clear sign of rise in casteism and inter-caste hatred in favor of the upper castes. The denial of the administration to investigate the matter is the case in point.  On the other side, Mayawati was quick to censure Yogi for his inability to ensure peace in the state. The politics have already started over the incident and much water is likely to flow over Yamuna. It is well advised that BJP should not isolate the lower caste Hindus for its own good!