Dangal: Featuring A Feat

The Bollywood Blockbuster 'Dangal' proved that success is not gifted, it is achieved through dedication, hard work, and commitment. And it gives you same pride when it is achieved by your son or daughter, brother or sister.

Dangal - Featuring A Feat


Gone are those days when sports were an object of ruining our children as we were infected with the notion of “Padhoge, likhoge banoge nawab! Kheloge, kudoge hoge kharab”. I don’t know how people respond to globalization but if something good had happened post-globalisation, it is obviously with the rising awareness of sports as a visible career option. But my heart seems to be in deep agony when I find that this awareness got itself restricted just to cricket. At this juncture of time when other sports are on the brink of negligence, I was really elated to find that a movie which had been highly promoted and advertised named “Dangal” is based on wrestling. My this elation got new wings when I found that the lead actor is none other than “Mr. Perfectionist” Aamir Khan.

My Mindset before Movie

As I got to know that this movie contains a central female character, I was really wondering that whether it’s just going to be once again the same egg of the basket with a different name. Is it once again going to revolve around the much-hyped topic of women empowerment or it is going to achieve its’ real motive?

Screening of Movie

As the camera rolled into action the very first dialogue “Agar munh chalane se kushti jeeti na bhaisaab… aap toh kabke medal jeet chuke hote.” was enough to broke all my misconceptions. I felt an urge to get into the depth of such a beautiful line which was very clearly depicting the framework of achieving any feat in our life. Those words pointed me to the very basic philosophy of life which urges us to abstain from blabbering craps inspite of doing something worthwhile. And then only the words of Mahavir Singh Phogat seems appropriate when he says “Re medal iss pedh pe nahi ugte… unhe banana padta hai… pyaar se… minnat se… lagan se”. 

Mystery of Misconceptions

How much a person wrestle with his own misconception while in search of success got illustrated in a movie based on wrestling when M.S. Phogat says to her wife “Main hamesha yeh soch ke rota raha ki chora hota… toh desh ke liye kushti mein gold lata, je baat meri samajh mein na aayi ki gold to gold hota hai… chhora lave ya chhori!”. 

Aren’t we still engrossed in declaring success as a paternal property that shows our shell of misconception in this stern society? How much it had made its’ place in the common masses which gets beautifully depicted in the words of Sakshi Tanwar when she says “Main aapko chhora na de payi.” with guilt in her voice. Ah! How can I miss those words of Sakshi Tanwar when she says “Apne Junoon ke liye chhoriyo ki zindagi barbaad mat karo”. I don’t know how other people reacted to these words but it was more than enough for me to push back into one of the misconception which had been perhaps the by-product of our modernity.

Just because few parents have put undue pressure on their children should we assume that our own parents are also on the same way? Ya! We are free to criticize our parents by quoting examples from newspaper and media where every other day we get news of suicides committed by teenagers on the name of undue pressure. We claim to be a modern with intellect but then where is our intellect when we aren’t able to differentiate between their ideal intention and undue pressure. It may seem a little weird but isn’t it ridiculous that we lose faith in ourselves at the time when our parents’ have utmost respect of our strength as Aamir Khan says “Mhaari chhoriyaan chhoron se kum hain ke?”.

The Sordid Society

If I am right, it is needless to decipher the contribution of our society while we have stepped our feet on the road of success. How this society refrain itself from imposing its’ own parameters of success gets reflected in the words of Aamir Khan when he says “Pehlwani me saurat kamayi, ijjat kamayi bas paisa nahi kama paaya”. It doesn’t matter whether we are an ideal husband, wife, father we aren’t able to come out the clutches of this stern society as M.S Phogat says to her wife (Sakshi Tanwar) “Galat mat samajh… Geeta aur Babita dono hi bhut pyaari hai manne…par mera jo sapna hai na…sirf chhora hi poora kar sake hain”. Ah! How could I escape that funny words of Geeta’s mother when she says “Aap chhoriyo se pehlwani karwa rahe ho…manne kuch na bola. Lekin mere chauke pe murga na banega bas!” inspite of tickling my funny bones prompted me to think on a serious note? I was left wondering whether we are still rooted in our past full of dogmas and orthodox or we are just self-proclaimed modern?

The Concluding Words

It could be one of the best Bollywood movies based on sports or some could say it a movie which focused on women empowerment. It might be true but I can’t ignore the fact that it has made us in a raw confrontation with our own misconceptions and this stern society. Time has come to tackle with these problems otherwise we will once again remain unaware of the time as Omkar says “Aur main kab paankh lagake udh gaya… paata hi nahi chala. Geeta junior se senior ho gayi…aur taoji senior se senior citizen ho gaye”.