Dear FM: Kindly Recognise – “Health is Wealth”

Nobody can deny the truth underlying the adages “Health is wealth” and “A sound mind is a sound body.” Health is a state of being sound mentally and physically.

Dear FM: Kindly Recognise - “Health is Wealth”

The sustainable and balanced development of a country like India depends on rural as well as urban development in various sectors. Public Health Sector here is of great significance as it sums up a lot to assess the standard of living here. Considering health services in this country, we have to take into account the health condition and service of 65% of people who live in rural areas where there is not adequate health service. The majority of people living in rural India as though closely live with growing political activities developing a sense of hostility among themselves only to run-in nearby cities or metropolitan areas far off to get their basic right of health facilities fulfilled through utmost critical condition while fed up with the journey, expenses, shelter and what’s not! This is as it were, living unreal lives in the real world.

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Tv shows, films, serials, and most of the broadcasting programmes flash urban lives and people who represent 27/ of the population against the majority of rural people. Nobody can deny the truth underlying the adages “Health is wealth” and “A sound mind is a sound body.” Health is a state of being sound mentally and physically. Poor physical health is the cause of mental depression which is termed poor mental health. Everyone, therefore, longs for sound physical health that makes sure of a healthy mind.

Keeping good physical health is of supreme happiness to anyone. Besides, a citizen of poor health is a burden to the nation since he/she either cannot render any service or if rendered, that is not up to the mark or expectation. Since the quality of the citizen is related to his/her physical and mental wellness hence; the issue of public health is of great consideration.

To preserve ba good personal health, everyone is to follow some mandates or rules of health such as eating nutritious foods and drinking needful purified water, taking proper rest and sleeping, exercising and good habits, consulting physician duly for illness, working with discipline and leading a life free from stresses, keeping in a congenial atmosphere, standing by others, involving with social and constructive work, reading good books, listening songs, watching movies, gossiping with friends, family members, visiting relatives’ house, getting out with family, following good codes of conduct, keeping patience in any adverse situation, leading a life of honesty and simplicity, keeping self confidence and faith to others, being kind, loving and respectful to all, maintaining hygiene, showing obedience to rules and regulations, etc. In fact, no list of norms and protocols can suffice to secure good public health unless health facilities are abundant with medical man power and other resources. It is a grievance that 75/ of health infrastructure is concentrated in urban areas while 25/ is for rural areas dominantly inhabited by the majority of people

The public health expenditure of India (1.6/ of GDP) was not at all to the level of expenditure of some countries like China(3.2/), the USA(8.5/)and Germany (9.4/). But there is a sign of rising in the expenditure subsequently by 2020-2021. National Health Mission (NHM) which aims at strengthening public health systems and health care delivery, consists of National Rural Health Mission and the National Urban Health Mission. The former takes over the health service affairs in rural areas while the latter is responsible for the same in urban areas. Primary health centres, district hospitals and specialised hospitals are stretched out of Primary, Secondary and Tertiary care institutions to make sure of health care service in India. Again, Sub- Centres (SCs), Primary Health Centres (PHCs) and Community Health Centres (CHCs) come under primary health infrastructure in rural areas. A similar setup is formed in urban areas to strengthen the service widely.

Various schemes like Pradhan Mantri Jan Arogya Yojana (PMJAY), Pradhan Mantri Swasthya Suraksha Yojana(PMSSY) and Ayushman Bharat are launched for greater public health interest. Some Acts too are passed related to health care service in the country. Various Committees have been formed to examine the issues concerning drugs and regulations as well. Indian Council of Medical Research promotes and motivates the publication of research papers. The Union Budget emphasises the up-gradation of health research infrastructure by sanctioning a notable amount of capital.

India is not only largely populous but also a thickly populated country in the world. The rate of success in any scheme and implementation here as we assume cannot be so easy going since the issue of diversity too can agreeably a factor to slow down the pace of work that can pass through criticism for transparency concern. But the health status especially in rural India is still worrying that calls for serious attention for a transition to a level presentably on a certain height of optimum expectation.

Founder General Secretary
Bes-An Noor Model School

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Dear FM: Kindly Recognise - “Health is Wealth”
Nobody can deny the truth underlying the adages “Health is wealth” and “A sound mind is a sound body.” Health is a state of being sound mentally and physically.
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