Dear PM, Death is the only Justice for Gang Rape

Dear Prime Minister, don't allow people to play politics with heinous crimes like rape even if it favours anyone. Because, human may fail, God doesn't spare anyone including kings!

Dear PM, Death is the only Justice for Gang Rape
Dear PM, Death is the only Justice for Gang Rape

How beautifully someone has said,

“Haiwaniyat Ki Nayi Pehchan Dekhiye! Khaal Chamdde Ki Odhe Insaan Dekhiye!!”

By now, thousands of articles, editorials, and opinions must have been written by prominent national and internal papers, hundreds of TV shows have been broadcasted on the brutal gang rape of an 8-year old girl Asifa. According to the chargesheet, the mastermind this horrifying crime is retired revenue official Sanji Ram along with seven others including his own son Vishal Jangotra and nephew.

Special Police Officers (SPOs) Deepak Khajuria and Surinder Kumar, a Rasana resident Parvesh Kumar, Assistant Sub Inspector Anand Dutta and Head Constable Tilak Raj are also arrested in the case. Dutta and Raj were arrested on charges of attempting to destroy evidence.

And without any surprise Hindu Ekta Manch, a Hindu organization tried to give religious color and organised a mass rally in support of the accused while media is the only machinery left in this to give public trial to the case.

This recent brutality by these shameless monsters has once again let us remember that we are still living in an era where there is a complete “Jungle Raaz” and not even the slightest remains of humanity. Could we even use the term ‘Human’ to mention such demons who didn’t even left an 8-year old child to satiate their senseless sensuality? The lust of these lecherous demons who hardly cared the cries and agony of an innocent child in the name of ritual. A ritual in order to “dislodge” a group of Bakherwal Muslim nomads from Rasana village in Kathua near Jammu as these salacious beasts said which have mentioned in the 18-page charge sheet. Really! Could it be more devilish that these leads are trying to justify their filthy acts in the name of God? They can! We are the proud resident of a country where a person other than our own religion is seen with doubtful eyes as they have not been able to understand god properly. Had it not been the case why even the policeman who is our designated savior would have been an active partner in performing the ritual? Does our God really demand the tears and cries of an innocent girl in order to please Itself?

“If Yes! Then Hell to such God who promises Heaven! And if not! Then more than hell to such filthy individuals who are just nothing else but the excreta of the society which need to be dumped as soon as possible without any tantrums”.

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Could it be even more pitiful that the innocent child was gang-raped by these filths for several days by a bunch of monsters by using sedatives and later beaten to death? The charge sheet stated that two of the eight arrests were juvenile. Is it even necessary to consider those rapists juvenile after such a barbaric act which can’t be pardoned in any court of justice? If we are trying to save them just because of their age then are we really serious about such a heinous act where the victim was just 8? Or are we going to justify these demons act by giving a nonsense blunt excuse? Because if we are trying to save these leads by labeling Juvenilethen we are surely going to provide an excuse for the accused policemen and their so-called ritual. Is there anything still left to happen or are we waiting to such barbarous acts being repeated before we listen to our conscience and punish them with a public “Hang Till Death” penalty?

Narendra Modi, Prime Minister of India launched his campaign “Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao” but have not uttered a single word yet in two recent rape cases in Unnao and Kathura. Is this not hypocrisy? Secondly, There is no justification for gang rape. Gang rape clearly is a case of cold-blooded crime. Death is the only justice in such case unconditionally.

As a bold Prime Minister otherwise should take strong measure in such heinous cases without any consideration of caste, creed and color and political interest.