Death of Indian Media

The Hindutva agenda has been found to be promoted by paying media outlets to expose the RSS’s vision for a pro-Hindu way of living. Is this the death of free journalism which exposes news worthwhile reading, listening and or watching about?

Death of Indian Media
Death of Indian Media

The Hindutva agenda has never really come out in the open before, however, news media outlets have got caught trying to be bought in highlighting facts favoring Hindutva.

The Hindutva is part of the RSS’s plan to create an agenda for Hindu nationalism.

Two months ago Cobrapost reported business deals between media houses and the promotion of Hindutva. Again, a new batch of recordings has been exposed thanks to the undercover reporters.

There were two dozen news organizations which are willing to ‘ “not only cause communal disharmony among the citizens but also tilt the electoral outcome in favor of a particular party” for some underhand cash.

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Which media houses refused? The Bengali newspapers Bartaman and Dainik Sambad. They deserve a round of applause and should be shown as an example of how journalism should be run.

That’s not all that was caught. Even Vineet Jain owner of Times Group has been exposed in discussing ways to use black money to pay for highlighting Hindutva’s great image.

The undercover journalist offered to pay $500 crore in exchange for advertorials and events promoting the Hindutva mission in the Times Group’s media outlets. The plan was to use Krishna and the Bhagavad Gita which will highlight the Hindutva image indirectly.

Even Kalli Purie, vice chairperson of the India Today group was caught in the act with a few compromises here and there.

A total of 25 out of the 27 media houses that were discussed with favored money against the honest truth of journalism.

The following were caught-

  • Times of India Group
  • India Today Group
  • Hindustan Times,
  • Dainik Bhaskar
  • Zee News
  • Star India
  • ABP
  • Dainik Jagran
  • Radio One
  • Suvarna News
  • Red FM
  • Lokmat
  • ABN
  • Andhra Jyothy
  • TV5
  • Dinamalar
  • Big FM
  • Prabhat Khabar
  • K News
  • India Voice
  • New Indian Express
  • MVTV
  • OPEN

There were also notions of trying to feed bad news about opposition leaders such as Rahul Gandhi, Mayawati, and Akhilesh Yadav. This was dealt with by using low words such as Pappu, Bua, and Babua which demoralized their overall character.

What is to be believed and what’s not is getting harder and harder every day!

Note: News Reference from Cobrapost Sting: Big Media Houses Say Yes to Hindutva, Black Money, Paid News

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